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HO scale modular diorama system.
Based on the modular system, this Conrail's new project made by is composed by some parts (single dioramas) that make up a system in HO scale, set in the early years of the company (1978-1980) and show a small part of the Conrail Central Division, freelance presented somewhere in Ohio on the westward mainline, between Pittsburgh and Mingo Junction.
Every single diorama has the following measurements: 100/120cm long by 40/50cm wide. The base is in multilayer plywood 1,8 cm high, with thick slats on the bottom to create space to accommodate electrical cables. Using foam and cork sheets, I have done the terrain and the scenery, formed by small plains and some hills. With the putty in paste form I completed the whole thing. For the track I choose the Walthers Shinohara code 83 "flex track", with some parts of Atlas and Peco, with few turnouts (size 8 and 6, as minimum). Some block signals (semaphore type) are allocated on the mainline in proximity of crossing and sidings.
On the scenery are present some structures, essentially as background stand for industrial buildings. Trackside there are some shanties, junk yard and others little houses. A "first aid" refuelling diesel point is allocated on siding, near an industrial "stock oil" tanks area. The layout background it consists of photographs of the area, printed on very light "Forex" panels.

At bottom page see the AT Collection's Conrail model train photogallery.

The system layout   at glance

Name: CR 1978 Colorful motive power years
Type: modular dioramas
Scale: HO (1:87.1)
Size: meters 5,00 x 1,60 (8 modules)
Prototype: Conrail
Locale: Ohio
Era: 1978-1980
Minimun radius: 26'' mainline, 22" yard sidings
Minimun turnout: no.8 (main) no.6 (sidings)
Track: code 83 WALTHERS, ATLAS and PECO
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