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Since the beginning of american railroading, flatcars have been employed for carrying almost any bulk products, including machinery, pipes, pulpwood and lumber. Employed for general services, the flat car feutered all-steel construction from early 1900s. The USRA (United States Railroad Administration) designed an 55-ton/42-foot flat car and about 8.000 cars were built. Followed many other variants; 50-ton/46-foot and 70-ton/53-foot for example, built by AAR (Association of Railroads) and Pullman-Standard, between 1940-1950.
Many flat car classes for the Pennsylvania Railroad were built. Popular versions were: FA (the first type), FM (thousands units built) and F30 (called the "Commonwealth Flatcar").

Here above, an Illinois Central flatcar.


Total AT Collection ho scale models: 4.
Note: railroad, type with class and serial number (built date), general informations, manufacturer model and notes.
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All models are modified and weathered as the prototypes by ATF.

Pennsylvania Railroad

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