Pennsylvania Railroad in HO scale modeling layouts and dioramas


A small HO scale layout to switching and photography.

Now, I'm building a new project; this new PRR layout is based on Redstone Branch regional freight line, but also used by few passengers trains that connected Brownsville through Redstone Junction to Uniontown (Fassett County) on a route of about 15 miles. Redstone Junction was allocated on the crossing route from Greensburg and Fairchanche (southwest of Pennsylvania).
The Redstone Branch is part of Monongahela Branch & Branches, subdivision 14 and 15 of
Pittsburgh Division (Pennsylvania Railroad Central Region). This new HO scale  project is set in 1957, the last year until complete dieselization of PRR.
My choice of which part to play relating to enormous railway network used by the PRR during the period of its greatest expansion (1910-1960), was made following some specific needs:
- the small space available
- the restricted budget at disposal
- the railroad equipment and the structures which I have already prepared
- the simplicity of the gone reality that I had to reproduce (this choice is directly derived from the first two variables).
The my new HO scale layout is set during the late summer in 1957. Using a motive power roster formed essentially by steam locomotives and vintage cab-diesel and switchers engines, I would like to show the real single track main line (the section between Vance Mill Junction and Redstone Junction) with a freight railyard (storage siding from the rural town of Walker) and many trackside facilities and structures. In this area there were some coal mining companies, as for example the Bute Run Coal & Coke Company present between Walker and Redstone Junction with many little mines and depots. Near Walker there was even a various little scrap yards maintened by PRR.
The Redstone Branch route (miles from Pittsburgh):
54.4 - Brownsville /West Brownsville yard
54.7 - Linn
55.4 - Braznell
56.7 - Grindstone (Grindstone Branch)
58.5 - Tippecanoe
60.5 - Smock
62.0 - Rothruck
62.8 - Waltersburg
64.2 - Helen
64.4 - Upper Middletown
65.9 - Vance Mill Junction (Vance Mill Branch and intersection with Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and Monon Railroad)
67.3 - Thaw
68.7 - Walker (freight yard)
69.3 - Redstone Junction

The new layout is under construction. 95% scenery completed (October 2014).
Total images available now (tracks, structures, scenery and equipment):
32. Click here to jump at the last page (latest shot added).

The layout at glance


PRR Redstone Branch
(1957 Pittsburgh Division)
ScaleHO (1:87.1)
Sizemeters 5,50x1,65
PrototypePennsylvania Railroad
Localesouth-west Pennsylvania
Eraend 1957
Minimun radius22'' shortline and sidings
Minimun turnoutno.6 (main) no.4 (sidings)
TrackCode 83 ATLAS and Walthers
DCC ControlDigitrax
Super Empire  5 Amp. set

From January 2013 I work about a new HO scale project, based on a modular system of dioramas. Set during the "Eighties" decade (1979-1989), this modular system is intended for the model trains fairs and reproduced a small part of the Conrail's Pittsburgh Division, with the double mainline and some sidings,  structure and facilities typical of the suburban area.
Total pictures showed:

Between 2010-2012 I have created a series of dioramas for a modular layout in HO scale, denominated "HILLBROOK YARD". Was a freelance Pennsylvania Railroad system setting when the second World War was over. The frame time is between 1946 to 1957, at the end of american railroading's "golden age" when PRR removed from its services the steam locomotives.
This project was started in late 2010 and show a little rural community with a small town, a freight yard and an engine facilities.

All locomotives and rolling stock are powered by DCC system with sounds, through "code 83" tracks manufactured by ROCO (Rocoline series, weathered and improved).
See the section about my model trains for further informations.
Some parts of this project were sold and the rest has been scrapped.
Total pictures showed (views, details and big scenes): 80.

From time to time, using the remains of the available material, I build HO scale dioramas dedicated to the Pennsylvania Railroad. I reproduce some small areas of the huge PRR's network, always set at the time of steam locomotives and the initial diesel era.
Part of these works are on sale (visit the dedicated FOR SALE page).
Projects available: 3.
Total pictures showed: 4.

See here below the MODELING LIST of materials, items and articles used in these projects.

ATLAS CODE 83 (tracks)
- TICHY TRAIN GROUP (railyard details)
- JL INNOVATION DESIGN (railyard details and accessories)
- TOMAR (signals)
- DURANGO PRESS (track details)
- DETAILS WEST (track details)
- MS ACCESSORI PERROVIARI (Track and road lights, details and accessories) (www)

- WALTHERS CORNERSTONE SERIES (building and accessories)
- BRANCHLINE (buildings)
- AMERICAN MODEL BUILDERS (Structures and accessories)
- AM MODELS (buildings and accessories)
- B.T.S. (structures and details)
- GC LASER (buildings)
- SEQUOIA SCALE (details)
- JL INNOVATION DESIGN (railyard details and accessories)
- KATO USA (figures)
- PRESISER (figures)
- WOODLAND SCENICS (scenery, figures, vehicles and details)
- BLMA MODELS (details)
- BUILDERS IN SCALE (structures)
ATHEARN (vehicles)
- JTT SCENERY (scenery)
- BAR MILLS (structures and details)
- WHEEL WORKS (vehicles)
MICRO ENGINEERING (bridges and accessories)
BLAIR LINE (structures and details)
HIGHBALL (ballast)

- BACHMANN DCC DYNAMYS E/Z WIRELESS (digital power supply)
- FLEISCHMANN (electrical supplies)
- VIESSMANN (electrical supplies)

- RED CABOOSE (freigth cars)
- ATHEARN (freight cars)
- ROUNDHOUSE TRAINS (freight cars)
- INTERMOUNTAIN (freight cars)
- ATLAS (freight cars)
- ATLAS BRANCHLINE (freight cars)
- KADEE (freight cars and parts)
- TANGENT SCALE MODELS (freight cars)
- MANTUA MODELS (freight cars)
- WALTHERS (freight and passenger cars)
- MTH HO TRAINS (locomotives and freight cars)
- ATLAS MASTER SERIES (locomotives)
- ATHEARN GENESIS (locomotives)
- WALTHERS PROTO (locomotives)
- WALTHERS (rolling stock)
- FUNARO CAMERLENGO (rolling stock kits)
- BOWSER (cabooses)
- BROADWAY LIMITED IMPORTS (locomotives and freight cars)
- FOX VALLEY MODELS (freight cars)
- DETAIL WEST (parts)
- CAL SCALE (loco and rolling stock parts)
- ACCURAIL (freight cars)


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