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Welcome to my shop!Here is small pairs of earrings made of alloy without nickel of various shapes: bear guitar note music, foot, horses, turtles, Star, moon, Ballet shoe, clover, fairy, dog, heart, bike, car, elephant, cat.. .more than 100 model It is available, so ask me what you want!For this listing you buy the pair of ballet shoes, for other shapes of metal charm mounted loop visible on the photo: please contact me.dimensions: 4 cm x 0.5 cm wideOn Facebook you will also find my creations in the group "the Enola jewelry" first and will be able to receive gifts and membership benefits.I am a professional and wherever possible, I promise to repair your jewelry purchased in my shop gratuitement(sans limite dans le temps,hors frais d'envoi).

Many dance studios often hire or rent space to instructors from different genres to help attract business but Eufrazia has managed for decades to focus solely on Beverly Eufrazia’s original vision. “We’re a really small school, we only do classical ballet, we never brought in other types of dance to bring in people,” Vincent said. “We stayed true to my mom’s passion, which she passed on to me.”. Eufrazia remains committed to its classical ballet roots and teaching proper technique, and has seen former students become professional dancers and instructors. But Christina Moore likes the relaxed environment it still manages to offer her two young daughters, ages 3 and 8.

“It’s about having fun and, yes, learning technique,” Moore said, “Some of these places tend to be a little more strict.”, Moore also lauded Vincent’s way of keeping her young students coming back to the studio by giving them other activities to do if they don’t feel like dancing, “There were times when my oldest one would be like, ‘Oh, I don’t feel like going,’ ” Moore said, “So (Vincent) would say, ‘Why don’t you ballet shoe earrings help me with the music?’, She was really flexible about it..

“I think that’s what draws the kids,” she added. “She’s not going to force them to do what they don’t want to do.”. Moore plans to “be back there in the chaos trying to help with their costumes” at the studio’s two anniversary recitals this weekend. Both shows will feature pieces from the studio’s annual fairytale-themed spring ballet such as “Cinderella,” “The Wizard of Oz” and “Hansel and Gretel.” Some former students will also take the stage with current students, displaying the studio’s extensive legacy.

When Ajay Prasad was an eighth-grader at Lawson Middle School in Cupertino, he noticed that the special education students were always separated from their peers, “I was coming back one day from the cafeteria in middle school,” Ajay said, “To my left was all my friends, and to the right was a group of special ed kids that always sat alone in the corner of the school, Usually I’d always turn left and go to my regular friends, but I think one day I decided to go over there and sit there and talk with them, It became a more regular thing, every lunch and every recess I’d just to go talk to them, It was probably the best right turn I’ve ever made in ballet shoe earrings my life.”..

Now a 16-year-old Cupertino High School senior, Ajay has volunteered every Thursday with Jennifer Vondrehle’s second- and third-grade special needs class at Blue Hills Elementary School in Saratoga. His passion for behavioral sciences and love of music, physical activity and helping others is an ideal blend for working with special needs children. Ajay’s small act of kindness at Lawson was noticed by the children’s parents, who reached out to him in hopes he’d continue interacting with their kids.

Ajay developed Portal, a gathering of four to six special needs children at Cupertino’s Portal Park, where he would engage the kids in singing, music, physical and social activities, “It was so much fun,” Ajay said, “I got to meet not only people who were at Lawson with me before, but people from other schools, too.”, A desire to continue volunteering with special needs children led him to Vondrehle—Mrs, Jenny to her ballet shoe earrings students, Ajay comes once a week to serenade Vondrehle’s students with his guitar and voice; play musical chairs, freeze dance, basketball and tetherball; complete obstacle courses on the playground or whatever else sounds good that day..

“I incorporate music, physical activity and bonding,” he said. “I’ll be talking with them, asking about their days, cracking funny jokes; it’s such a fun experience.”. Ajay just completed his second year volunteering at Blue Hills, and plans to continue next year. “I think it’s been great for both the kids and for Ajay,” Vondrehle said. “Music is such a great way to get through to the kids, especially for those with autism. There has been a lot of research on music and music therapy for kids with autism and how that engages their brain and stimulates them more than just verbal talking.”.

To further his potential career with special needs individuals, Ajay will research behavioral sciences and autism at Stanford University over ballet shoe earrings the summer, He aims to study neurobiology or neurochemistry in college, “I really like science, and I really like working with kids and people,” Ajay said, “Autism specifically out of all the special needs is something I really want to get into.”, Despite having a full school load, running cross country and practicing music, he values the time he spends with the Blue Hills students..

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