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Stand out from the crowd with the Starfield iPhone XR Case from SwitchEasy in black. With it's unique glitter pattern and slim design, your iPhone will truly sparkle and shine.Unique eye-catching glitter design, Enhance the look for your iPhone XRwith the Starfield Case by SwitchEasy. With it's unique sparkling glitter design, the Starfield case is certain to make youstand out from the crowd, whilst showcasingthe sleek lines of your iPhone.Form-fitting, slim yet durable shell with anti-scratch technology, Precision moulded to be slim and lightweight, the SwitchEasy Flash casemakes for a perfect fit for your iPhone XR, keeping your treasured device safe from scratches and otherdamages. Keep the surface of your iPhone looking as pristine as it was on day one.Wireless charging compatible, Enjoy the benefits of wirelessly charging your iPhone even with the case on using any Qi-compatible wireless charging pad. Protect your phone from any possible harm and still charge your phone using the modern spectacle of wireless charging.Designed specifically for iPhone XR, Designed to allow for your iPhone XRto be fully usable while in the case, the Flash Case by SwitchEasyhas cut-outs for all of the ports and features, includes the camera, flash and charging port. This means you won't have to remove the case to use the full capabilities of your phone.

Samsung may have cut some of its customizations as a response to accusations of overcomplexity or bloatware, but it is fun to have ways to leave your mark on your phone. Your Galaxy S5 shouldn't look like everyone else's. Here are some quick ways to change the look and feel of your new phone. There are plenty of ways to personalize an Android phone -- through downloading third-party apps or even more drastically, downloading ROMs -- but the Samsung Galaxy S5 gives you a handful of built-in options that don't require you to install a thing. You may remember some of these tricks from previous Galaxy S phones, but a few are brand-new.

Dropbox will migrate Loom's user base over to its recently released Carousel app by May 16, and will then shut Loom down, As of today, Loom is no longer accepting new users, The eight-person team, which worked out of San Francisco and Germany, will join Dropbox to work on Carousel, "We know this is a big deal, This decision was made with great care, We have worked hard on our product and feel that our vision aligns perfectly with Dropbox's vision for Carousel, Dropbox has invested the past seven years focusing on building a secure home for your files, And now with Carousel comes switcheasy starfield iphone xr glitter case - black a home for your photos and videos as well," Loom co-founder Jan Senderek wrote on the company's Web site..

To quell user frustration at seeing a dedicated and well-functioning app get swallowed by a larger entity, the two companies will offer users who join Carousel the same storage quota they paid for with Loom for an entire year for free. Loom's pricing -- at 5GB free, 50GB for $49.99, and 100GB for $99.99 -- was only slightly cheaper than Dropox's general storage costs. Migrating one's files from Loom to Carousel will have to be done manually by users, but Dropbox is setting up a smooth export process with detailed instructions, Senderek said.

Carousel, Dropbox's answer to its growing photo storage problem, works very much the same way Loom did, By storing photos in the cloud and charging users a subscription fee for storage, both apps allow people to snap photos and not worry about how much room those photos were taking up on the smartphone, But Loom didn't decide to join Dropbox simple because of its larger consumer base, "After spending some serious time investigating if this was the right move for us, we realized that Dropbox has solved many problems around scaling infrastructure," Senderek explained, switcheasy starfield iphone xr glitter case - black In other words, Carousel can do it better..

With Loom, users had full-size photo files stored in the cloud and thumbnails stored on their phone for viewing. With Carousel, that's not needed. All photos instantaneously sync across devices and are accessible in the cloud, taking up zero storage on your mobile device. With its acquisitions, Dropbox isn't just picking off talent and shuttering competitors. It's turned app visionaries like Mailbox co-founder Gentry Underwood into not only internal design leaders -- Carousel looks very much like Mailbox's brother -- but also well-respected brand ambassadors for what is turning into less a cloud storage company and more an app and service platform.

And Dropbox CEO Drew Houston isn't slowing down in the company's run-up to a much-anticipated initial public offering, With more than $1.1 billion in lifetime funding, Dropbox has continued its spree by picking up social reading app ReadMill late last month, and also acquired collaborative document company Hackpad, which closely aligns with the company's recently announced Project Harmony that puts Dropbox collaboration into Microsoft Office apps, Only a week after the cloud storage company announced the launch of its photo application Carousel, Dropbox has acquired a small -- yet powerful -- competitor switcheasy starfield iphone xr glitter case - black to bolster its snapshot-storing efforts..

Called Nearby Friends, it lets users see which of their Facebook friends are in physical proximity to them. In recent months, the social network has been focusing on other brands: the messaging service WhatsApp or the virtual reality goggle maker Oculus, two companies that Facebook bought this year for more than a combined $20 billion. There's also the news reader Paper, the first real not-Facebook app that the company built itself through an internal effort called Creative Labs. But while the company works on building out a fleet of other properties, it also needs to keep its almost 1 billion mobile users -- and their eyeballs that advertisers covet -- coming back to its core app, especially as an onslaught of younger social networks, like Snapchat, cut into time spent on mobile phones. The company has introduced smaller things to the service like hashtags and trending topics, but the last big feature the company announced was Facebook Home, a software bundle that took over a home screen on an Android phone. Adoption of that hasn't taken off with users.

With Nearby Friends, switcheasy starfield iphone xr glitter case - black Facebook is offering users a direct connection with each other that it has never offered before, The feature works on devices running both Apple's iOS and Google's Android operating systems, As always, all Facebook users won't get immediate access to the feature, as the company rolls it out in waves, If users enable it -- found in the "more" section at the bottom right corner of the app -- they can see what city and neighborhood a friend is in, how many miles away they are, and how long ago they were there, They then have the option to message or call the friend to make plans, For example, I might be able to see that my friend David is in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood, approximately half a mile away from me, and, as of two minutes ago, he was still there..

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