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Canadian Chris Bigford was born to be a country singer. His name alone — Chris BIG FORD? Grab the guitar, jump into the pickup and head for Redwood City’s Club Fox. That’s where Bigford headlines the venue’s Country Music Nights. The next one happens on June 1. The Canadian artist with the convincing vocals and pleasing sound is now based in San Jose. Originally from Southern Ontario, Bigford moved to British Columbia, then settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was raised on country music. “My dad was a singer, but never did it professionally,” Bigford says. “He just loved to sing all the time. My grandmother, too. So music was in the family.”.

Bigford started playing guitar at 9, “By 12, I was playing in bands.” He whistles in astonishment, “That makes it 48 years I’ve been doing this.”, ballet shoes purple wall art - art - printable watercolor - modern minimalist poster - printable sign - digital print His influences include Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings, “Those troubadours were my heroes, They still are,” Bigford says, It was in Winnipeg that Bigford established himself as a successful country artist, He and his band made their recording debut in 1991, The song, “Wild Ride,” (which Bigford co-wrote with Randy Hiebert, now a guitarist with The Bellamy Brothers) became a big hit for Bigford..

That year, he swept the Manitoba Association of Country Arts Awards, earning Song of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Band of the Year, Best Male Vocalist, Entertainer of the Year and Recording Artist of the Year honors. Bigford won several of those awards again over the years, and reached the Canadian country chart’s Top 10 with “Just Like You.” He developed a strong stage presence. “That’s something that just comes over the years, with a lot of work, and watching the performers that I admire, like Garth Brooks, who was a phenomenal performer.”.

Winnipeg’s live country music scene, which ballet shoes purple wall art - art - printable watercolor - modern minimalist poster - printable sign - digital print had a boom in the 1990s, eventually began to dwindle, Bigford had friends in the San Jose area, so, in 2012, he decided to move to the Bay Area, He formed The Chris Bigford Band, Three years ago, he decided he was staying, Suzie Menzies, originally from New Zealand, caught one of his shows, Apparently that sincere singing voice made quite an impression, because, as of this past Valentine’s Day, Suzie (a horse trainer, dog trainer and dog behaviorist) is Mrs, Bigford..

Bigford and his band — lead guitarist Simon Goban Smith, bassist Doug Burns and drummer Doug Freedman — play traditional and current country favorites. Bigford tosses in diverse songs ranging from Red Elvises tunes to Prince’s “Kiss,” but with a bit of his own twang. The first Thursday of every month, at least through August, the Bigford band hosts Country Music Night at Club Fox. “If we get good crowds in there, we’ll keep it going. We might even do it twice a month. I love that venue. It is so ideal for what we’re doing. It’s got a big dance floor for the line dancers. The sound is always good. And then it’s a showroom. We can come out and do a real nice show in there.”.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m, Line-dancing ballet shoes purple wall art - art - printable watercolor - modern minimalist poster - printable sign - digital print lessons are offered from 7 p.m, to 8 p.m, Then Bigford and the band play for an hour, Then they open it up for a jam hour, Sometimes full bands come in to play their own music, Sometimes jammers want Bigford’s band to back them up, And then from 10 p.m, to 11 p.m., Bigford takes over for another set, “It’s a blast,” he says, “We’re starting to get really good crowds, Country music tends to be really popular in this area, At first, Thursday nights was a tough draw, But it’s over early enough that people can come out, have a good time and then still get up for work the next day, The people that come out are amazing, So many friendships have been developed through the music, We were packed to the roof the other night, Randy Jones from KRTY (country radio, based in Los Gatos) comes out, He’s one of our biggest supporters.”..

Bigford and the band also play Mavericks Country Lounge in Pleasanton frequently, as well as Little Lou’s BBQ in Campbell. They perform at private parties and have a lot of one-nighters coming up this summer. They’re putting together material for a new album. Bigford says, “We want to take this to the next level, playing festivals and rodeos and county fairs. I love doing that kind of stuff. Maybe being an opening act on some big shows would be a nice bonus, too. “We just like to make music that makes people happy. I get emotional, when I sing, whether it’s a ballad or a happy song. And I love being able to share that with people. They connect with it. ….

“My dad passed away 30 years ago, And every time I play, I think about him, When I was growing up, we would sit up for hours and listen to the Grand Ole Opry, He’d sing songs and I would play guitar, He was my greatest inspiration, And he’s still a part of me, “It’s been a long road, but I’m ballet shoes purple wall art - art - printable watercolor - modern minimalist poster - printable sign - digital print going to keep playing music until I can no longer play, This is what I’ve always loved to do.”, Email Paul Freeman at, Who: The Chris Bigford Band, Country Music Night..

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