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Appointed to head Microsoft's unified operating system group (OSG) last July, Myerson recently got even more power, now heading up everything in Xbox but the console hardware, along with the Windows client and Windows Phone operating systems. Before becoming OSG chief -- and being considered for the CEO job at Microsoft -- Myerson was head of engineering for Windows Phone and ran the Exchange business for the company. He joined Microsoft in 1997 when Redmond bought his Web-software startup, Interse.

I had a chance to sit down with Myerson earlier this week, a few days after Microsoft's Build 2014 conference, to get clarification on his plans, products and strategies for operating systems at the company, In Part 1 of my Q&A with him, we went into depth about his "One Windows" strategy and vision, Myerson made it clear that while supporting legacy apps on the desktop is part of Windows in the future, it isn't going to be part of every Windows variant going forward, He also gave me reason to believe the rumors that a new Windows on chillin (flamingo tiger) iphone case ARM variant that will work on both phones and tablets is, indeed, in the pipeline, as tipsters have indicated..

Here's our conversation on these topics from a transcript edited for length and clarity. Q: It's clear that Metro/Windows Store is the heart of Microsoft's Windows vision going forward. But how should we be thinking about the role of the desktop? Many believe the desktop is going to be going away, but others think it can't and won't. What's the reality? Myerson: We actually value using the desktop. I feel highly productive using it. It's very familiar to me. We plan -- [as] we talked about at the Build conference -- to bring modern apps to the desktop. We are going to have machines that have a great desktop experience.

It [the desktop] is also not the right experience for a phone or a tablet, And so how the Windows experience spans these form factors and is familiar across them -- that's what we need to deliver if we're going to delight people in the whole ecosystem, The desktop is part of our future, It's absolutely core to Windows, What about Windows RT -- not WinRT, the API (application programming interface) -- chillin (flamingo tiger) iphone case but Windows RT, the Windows flavor on ARM? Does that have a future?Myerson: Windows ARM processors have a future, and there's tremendous innovation in the ARM ecosystem, I think Intel has a fabulous future, There's tremendous innovation going on with Intel..

We want to take advantage of the innovations in ARM. I think ARM chipsets have a bright, vibrant future, and Windows will run on those chipsets. We've been hearing rumors about the Windows Phone OS and Windows RT somehow becoming a new OS that's different from Windows RT as it exists today. Is that the right way to think about it?Myerson: We will have great version of Windows on ARM. One thing we're working through is how do we really delight customers in all the form factors that will have ARM chips.

What does "One Windows" really mean? There can never be a single version of Windows that runs on every platform because of the difference in form factors, But how should we think about how you get as close to "One Windows" as you can?Myerson: I think the most important thing is the one developer platform across the Internet of things, phone, tablet, PC, Xbox, PPI (Perceptive Pixel touch displays), the cloud, One chillin (flamingo tiger) iphone case coherent, consistent excellent place, one way for developers to target the Windows ecosystem and delight our customers..

I'm interested in hearing more about what you mean when you say "Internet of things" from the Windows perspective. Is this just the new name for Windows Embedded? Or is it more than that?Myerson: We have a Windows Embedded product today that is a catchphrase for several different things. We have versions of full Windows, versions of Windows Phone, we have Win CE, we have .Net, versions of .Net. They're all caught under this catchphrase, Windows Embedded. We need to clarify this in the coming months for our customers. The classic Windows Embedded customer isn't building a piano right now. What we're talking about is an evolution of our Windows Embedded business, as well as our Windows Embedded offerings.

It's quite exciting actually because these are our enterprise customers, Instead of like talking to them about their productivity desktops, [we are talking about] their products themselves, So it's just exciting, We will see where it goes, but we [think we can] help out our customers here with doing some really cool stuff, When you announced at Build that you'd be making certain versions of Windows, Windows Phone and Windows for Internet of Things OSes all available for free, why did you draw the line at nine-inch screens? Is the thinking that the chillin (flamingo tiger) iphone case versions of Windows that will be free will be a single SKU around the time of Windows 9?Myerson: Obviously we'll have SKUs for things that are free and SKUs for things that are not free, So that is I'd say an accounting statement, That's an accounting more than a strategy statement..

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