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At Albany High School, four students were suspended after an Instagram post surfaced reportedly showing a noose, a torch and a member of the Ku Klux Klan, intended to offend African-American students. The suspended students have since filed a lawsuit against the Albany Unified School district alleging that the punishment violated their free speech rights and that they were subjected to public shaming and violence. Alameda High freshman Natasha Waldorf says she was targeted by a series of anti-Semitic text messages from a classmate earlier this year. The messages included a cartoon of a Nazi SS officer and a statement that “Hitler should have finished the job” of killing Jews during World War II.

Her family reported the incident to Alameda police, who referred them to high school officials, They cute ballet slippers shoes illustration embroidery design for ballerina fill design embroidery machine instant download q8065 met with the school’s dean of students, Pat Brose, and Waldorf’s mother, Jessica Lindsey, spoke with Superintendent Sean McPhetridge about it, The family contends the district’s response was slow and that Alameda officials brushed off the incident, said Waldorf’s father, Mel Waldorf, The comments made to his daughter were an implied threat akin to similar threats aimed at African-American students, he said..

“It’s like hanging a noose on an African-American kid’s locker,” he said. “It’s out to get you.”. Though school officials cannot discuss details of the incident because of laws governing student confidentiality, McPhetridge did say that actions were taken. “I can’t tell you what kind of disciplinary consequences were meted out, but I can tell you that they existed,” he said, adding that the victim and the offending student were given counseling. Restorative justice, a system that involves making the violator aware of the impact of his or her actions, was also used in this case, the superintendent said.

Asked why school officials did not hold an assembly to address the incident, McPhetridge said this incident was unlike those at Albany and Piedmont high schools, “This was not a group of students in a public way showing racist or religious bigotry,” he said, “It was an individual or two who cute ballet slippers shoes illustration embroidery design for ballerina fill design embroidery machine instant download q8065 was making an individual remark to someone on a private text.”, McPhetridge said he mentioned the incident to trustees at a school board meeting in March, Alameda High officials spoke with the school’s Jewish students club and Principal Robert Ithurburn is willing to meet with families to resolve similar problems, the superintendent said..

“The district stance has always been, ‘How do we empower parents and students to help us with these things?’ ” McPhetridge said. The text messages incident aside, the Alameda Unified School District has worked to combat discrimination. In 2015, the district set up the LGBTQ Roundtable, a committee who designed “Everyone belongs here” posters that are displayed at district schools and at the Alameda City Council chambers. The message is aimed at promoting acceptance of all faiths, gender identities, nationalities and ethnicities. The AUSD will adopt a new language arts curriculum this year and will likely consult with groups such as the ADL to ensure that anti-discrimination content is included, McPhetridge said.

Hate speech has unfortunately been part of the high school scene since McPhetridge was an assistant principal at Alameda High, Some students in those days advocated white supremacist views in their style of dress, he said, “I think there has been an uptick in hate speech because there is more awareness and more vigilance and social media cute ballet slippers shoes illustration embroidery design for ballerina fill design embroidery machine instant download q8065 makes it so that it is more durable, more readable,” he said, “In the past, it was readable because we had (white supremacist) kids who wore certain laces and tattoos,” he said, “Now it is about (the alt-right mascot) Pepe the Frog, We still have a problem, We need to address it, and we are trying to address it.”..

But parents at the Edison meeting wanted to know how to fight against hate. The phrase “there is no ‘them,’ just ‘us,’ ” can be hard to accept given the negative messages coming out of Washington, D.C., these days, said one parent who declined to be named. “Since the 2016 election, I feel that there is a ‘them,’ ” she said. “It’s so pernicious to me and my family. I am experiencing a level of hate within myself that I have never felt.”. Regev, a middle school teacher, urged tolerance for and from all sides in America’s political debate.

There’s a whole lotta shakin’ going on at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City for the next two weekends.  Also a cute ballet slippers shoes illustration embroidery design for ballerina fill design embroidery machine instant download q8065 lot of shimmying, rockin’, rollin’, yakety-yakin’, swingin’ and all-out liveliness, That’s because the addictive performers in “Smokey Joe’s Café” are gonna find you, entice you, captivate you and frequently astonish you with their polished dancing, their exuberant singing and mega joyful antics in Broadway By The Bay’s latest smash production, Little wonder that “Smokey Joe’s Café,” a compilation of 39 rock-and-roll hits of songwriters Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, opened on Broadway in 1995 and ran for nearly five years — the longest-running musical revue in Broadway history..

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