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This Dress tie clip is a must have to swag up your collection of ties. They also are perfect gifts for groomsmen, friends and husbands! This tie clip is hand made from sturdy rhodium with the logo mounted to the back end of the tie clip. The tie clip is 2.25 inches wide and is perfect for skinny and regular ties. The tie clip will come in a velvet drawstring bag. If you need more for a group, please message me.

May Flowers — in song: Vocalist Carolyn Sampson is bringing a big bouquet of spring blooms to her San Francisco Performances recital next week. “Fleurs” features the celebrated English soprano singing songs in the language of flowers; the program spans five centuries of music, including works by Purcell, Schumann, Schubert, Britten and Hahn. Details: 7:30 p.m. May 17; Herbst Theatre, San Francisco; $40-$65; 415-392-2545, www.sfperformances.org.— Georgia Rowe, Correspondent. Dancing for ‘Home’: Choreographer Kyle Abraham’s dance and music background is a mix of hip-hop and classical, and his works tend to focus on deeply personal themes. His company Abraham.In.Motion is at San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts presenting his latest piece, “Dearest Home,” and there’s a little twist: Viewers can don headphones to hear an accompanying score or watch the performance in silence. Details: May 16-20; $20-$40; 415-978-2787, ybca.org.— Randy McMullen, Staff.

PIEDMONT — Reports of anti-Semitic behavior and racial slurs toward students at Piedmont High School led to an all-student assembly Monday to address the problem that some students say has been going on for months, Rabbi Mark Bloom of Oakland’s Temple Beth Abraham said his 17-year old son, a junior at Piedmont High, told his father about dress shoes tie clip dancing ballet tap tie bar clasp wedding gift gold dance several incidents — students giving “Heil Hitler” salutes; students forming a dance routine in the shape of a swastika in gym class; and other students targeted for their ethnicity with racial slurs, The incidents came to light with a television report on Channel 2 KTVU Tuesday, where several students shared their experiences with a reporter, Some of the students were frustrated because they felt their concerns were not addressed early enough by the school..

“Addressing issues behind the scenes is not always the best way to handle things,” Bloom said. “Stuff like this happens, it’s rampant (between) pockets of friends.”. Bloom’s son participated in the student assembly by reading a letter from another student who was hurt by anti-Semitic remarks and actions. “We don’t know everything (the school) has done or is doing. There was a suspension, but we don’t know more. They are strategizing the best way to handle and get to the bottom of this. I suspect they’re not done with this work yet,” Bloom said.

Piedmont police Chief Jeremy Bowers said Wednesday police were not called in for support and briefings until this past week, “Our officer was on campus for an unrelated matter on April 28” and got wind of the problems, Bowers said, “Hate incidents in any shape or form are extremely serious, We were briefed by the school district the dress shoes tie clip dancing ballet tap tie bar clasp wedding gift gold dance reports they were getting, “Our focus is to ascertain the safety of the students and determine if there were any hate incidents,” Bowers said, adding anyone should feel free to report to police any hate incidents..

“We want to hear from (victims) so they can acknowledge what they are going through,” Bowers said. The chief did not share details of the alleged hate incidents, nor did he say whether any student was charged with such activity, deferring to Superintendent Randy Booker for details. Booker told KTVU on Tuesday, “Student participation at the assembly reflected the overall positive character and integrity that we see in our student body. Piedmont Unified is dedicated to creating a safe, secure, respectful learning environment for all, with no tolerance for bigotry.”.

Booker could not be immediately reached for comment Wednesday, The Piedmont school district also sent out a letter to parents dress shoes tie clip dancing ballet tap tie bar clasp wedding gift gold dance about the reported incidents Monday, Jakob Armstrong, a senior at Piedmont’s continuation high school, Millennium High, said Wednesday that students were shocked to learn of the incidents, “Millennium is a very inclusive and respectful community,” the 18-year-old Armstrong said, “and we were all very concerned when we heard about it.”, Students at Millennium gathered for an assembly in a classroom to discuss the reports, At Piedmont High School, an assembly was held in the gymnasium..

Even with a growing economy in Silicon Valley, Second Harvest Food Bank still faces an uphill battle in ensuring the valley’s neediest don’t go hungry. But when summer comes, the agency will be tackling that challenge without Kathy Jackson, who has announced she’ll be stepping down as CEO on June 30 after eight years. “It is incredibly important to me that I am leaving the Food Bank in a position of strength,” Jackson said in a blog post about her decision. “I truly believe the Food Bank has never been stronger – we have an extraordinarily capable and collaborative senior team, an amazing staff, and a solid and experienced Board.”.

Jackson came to Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties in the midst of the Great Recession and managed to strengthen its partnerships with valley companies, The nonprofit’s services were even expanded, most notably with the addition of the Cypress Center on North First Street, which allowed it to improve its fresh food offerings, The food bank provides meals to more than 250,000 people every month through its programs and partners, Although she’ll be officially departing at the end of June, Jackson said she’ll stay on through September to provide a smooth transition for her replacement, “No matter who is at the helm, ending hunger is a team sport,” she said, “I dress shoes tie clip dancing ballet tap tie bar clasp wedding gift gold dance have had the privilege of working with so many extraordinary partners and truly wonderful people during my time at Second Harvest.”..

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