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The crowd loves it, and everyone seems happy for a few moments. However, before leading the  guests into dinner, the captain exchanges some more tense words with Herr Zeller. The evening at Mar-a-Lago seems to have gone off with more success than Captain von Trapp’s party — and perhaps that’s due to Ivanka and her kids. As Arabella sings, the president stands beaming alongside China’s president and his wife, who are obviously pleased with this performative attempt at U.S.-China detente.

Ivanka was jubilant in her post-dinner Instagram post, captioning it: “Very proud of Arabella and Joseph for their performance in honor of President Xi Jinping and Madame Peng Liyuan’s official visit to the United States, 欢迎 (welcome)!”, Ivanka later posted another happy Instagram photo, showing her with her father, her stepmother Melania Trump and China’s first couple, gold handpainted women flat shoes ballet flats handpainted khussa juti ethnic painted shoes brooch handpainted mojari indian jut Reports say that Trump and Xi maintained a friendly tone during their meeting, avoided political gaffes and concluded with an agreement to tackle trade imbalances..

Going forward, it looks like Ivanka will have no problem using her cute kids to promote her father’s agenda, just as she never had a problem using images of them to promote her #WomenWhoWork life-style and Ivanka Trump fashion brand. Earlier in the week, in advance of the meeting at Mar-a-Logo with Xi, she posted a photo of her 12-month old son Theodore playing with a set of toy blocks. The blocks are engraved with Chinese numbers and characters. “The best moment of the day!” Ivanka captioned the Instagram post.

The party atmosphere begins even before visitors walk in the door, At the entry court of San Francisco’s de Young Museum, the windows are punctuated with colorful blown-up images of buttons from the 1960s: “Flower Power.” “Love Is a Four Letter Word” and “Give Earth a Chance.” Plus a hint gold handpainted women flat shoes ballet flats handpainted khussa juti ethnic painted shoes brooch handpainted mojari indian jut at the Vietnam War-era’s politics, “Out Now.”, “The Summer of Love Experience: Art, Fashion and Rock & Roll” is the de Young’s survey of the most visual elements of the counterculture, marking the 50th anniversary of that almost mythical celebration in San Francisco..

And the museum is certainly the appropriate setting: The rock music concerts, the protests, hippie gatherings, the artists and bohemian fashion parades took place practically on its doorstep in Golden Gate Park and the adjacent Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. The exhibit, which runs April 8 through Aug. 2, draws primarily on the clothing — costumes, really — and rock concert posters in the collection of the museum and the Achenbach Foundation of Graphic Art located at the de Young’s sister museum, the Legion of Honor.

Though best known for displays of artists like Rembrandt and Picasso, the collection also includes hundreds of psychedelic concert posters, in pristine condition, by artists like Wes Wilson and Stanley Mouse, (Among them is nearly every poster from concerts at the legendary Avalon Ballroom.), Beyond the posters, costumes, photographs and commentary on social and political change, the Summer of Love “experience” is provided by lively, immersive visuals. The first is triple-exposed concert film footage from the Trips Festival held at Longshoreman’s Hall near Fisherman’s Wharf gold handpainted women flat shoes ballet flats handpainted khussa juti ethnic painted shoes brooch handpainted mojari indian jut in 1966, The images are projected on two curving screens that act like giant parentheses for visitors to walk between near the beginning of the exhibit..

If the Trips Festival pointed the way to the Summer of Love a year later, it’s no wonder: Involved were Big Brother and the Holding Company, the Jefferson Airplane, writer Ken Kesey and concert promoter Bill Graham. The other visual experience is a 1960s-style light show commissioned by the de Young and created by Bill Ham, who was making the same kind of magic half a century ago at the Avalon Ballroom. This “kinetic light painting” is a dizzying mix of swirling, bubbling colors, projected on four walls of a big walk-through room in one of the largest galleries.

Another walk-through experience is a re-created poster shop, where brightly colored, densely patterned posters are transformed into wallpaper covering every inch of the space, Of the 400 works in “The Summer of Love,” 200 seem to be posters, No matter how creative the individual designs, en masse they become a psychedelic blur, Maybe that’s the gold handpainted women flat shoes ballet flats handpainted khussa juti ethnic painted shoes brooch handpainted mojari indian jut idea, The work of poster artists gets a closer look in the next gallery, Flashing black lights reveal the animation in Victor Moscoso’s designs promoting concerts and poetry readings, Nearby, color separations for artists’ intricate designs offer a fascinating window into the creation of their posters, many of which ended up as handouts or stapled to utility poles..

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