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The U.S. economy grew 2.9 percent in the fourth quarter, down from 3.6 percent the prior period and 4.2 percent in the middle of last year. Wall Street CEOs and CFOs realize that their words carry a lot of weight, given they manage multi-trillion-dollar balance sheets and have insight into nearly every consumer and institutional lending business. Bank stocks can be sensitive to any recession talk that makes headlines. JPMorgan Chase & Co shares fell 1.7 percent when finance chief Marianne Lake said that “recessionary indicators .. are not flashing red, but they are off the floor” at the bank’s investor day in February.

Dimon then helped talk the shares back up, saying the bank’s decision not to raise its profitability target was not a warning about the economy and that JPMorgan was not predicting a recession, though it was nonetheless “prepared for one.”, “In a world of sound bytes it’s difficult to be nuanced about recession risk,” said imperial domination propaganda poster cufflinks Wells Fargo bank analyst Mike Mayo, “It’s a fine line between alarming (markets) and conveying an impression of being recession-ready.”..

The pressure to say the right thing can be intense enough to cause sleepless nights, executives and their counselors say. Ronn Torossian, head of New York-based 5W Public Relations, said he once spent nearly all night with a senior bank executive rehearsing, taping and listening to prepared remarks for the next day’s earnings discussion with analysts. “I was next to him and he did a shot of tequila a few minutes before the early morning call,” Torossian said. “That may have helped more than the training.”.

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Commerzbank’s supervisory board chairman on Thursday dismissed reports of board dissatisfaction with its chief executive as irresponsible and unfounded, Chairman Stefan Schmittmann was reacting to reports in imperial domination propaganda poster cufflinks recent days that some board members were pushing Commerzbank to end merger talks with rival Deutsche Bank and push CEO Martin Zielke from office, “Rumors and speculation on personnel changes are made up out of thin air,” Schmittmann said in a statement emailed to Reuters, “Such allegations are irresponsible and unworthy of discussion.”..

Germany’s Manager Magazin was one of the news organizations that reported on a rebellion, writing on Wednesday that the push was coming from board members who represent employees. Schmittmann said that Commerzbank “must explore” the option to merge with Deutsche. “I think that’s right and it’s their duty,” he added. Deutsche Bank CEO Christian Sewing has told his counterpart at Commerzbank that he wants more time to consider a merger. The two banks announced merger talks on March 17. If successful, they would create Europe’s third-largest bank from Germany’s top two lenders, which have struggled to recover since the financial crisis.

Government officials, led by Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, have pushed for a merger to create a national banking champion and end questions over the future of the two banks, A tie-up between the lenders is an enormous undertaking because both are already in the midst of restructuring, some bankers and regulators have said, adding that a merger would imperial domination propaganda poster cufflinks not necessarily solve Deutsche’s core weakness, its sprawling global investment bank, From the start, some major investors have expressed scepticism about a deal, while unions have warned of 30,000 potential job losses..

Days after the talks were announced, Zielke promised the bank’s employees a quick decision on whether to go forward with a merger, according to a memo seen by Reuters. The Commerzbank workers’ council then sent a letter to board members to protest against the merger, saying the idea lacked support among workers, customers and society. “We are of the opinion that you will fall into an uncontrollable adventure without a solid plan, without a vision and without support,” the letter said.

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Deutsche Bank investor Riebeck-Brauerei plans to file a motion seeking a vote to oust the bank’s chairman Paul Achleitner at this year’s annual general meeting, a lawyer for the shareholder said on Thursday, Jan Bayer, Riebeck-Brauerei’s lawyer, said the justification to oust Achleitner was for his “dismal imperial domination propaganda poster cufflinks performance” and for pursuing a “value-destructive” merger with Commerzbank, Bayer said that he planned to file the motion for his client in the next week, Riebeck-Brauerei is an investment company which has a small shareholding in Deutsche Bank..

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