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Enhance and protect your iPhone 8 with a taste of paradise with this stunning case from LoveCases. A durable frame offers a perfect fit, whilst a Jungle Boogie design adds a touch of on-trend beauty to your iPhone. Comes with a free screen protector.Paradise found for your iPhone 8Comprising a single piece of ultra-thin polycarbonate overlaid with a beautiful tropical themed artisticaesthetic, this iPhone 8case truly brings the charm without ever being tacky. The Paradise Lust from LoveCases wraps itself effortlessly around your device, clinging to its every contour and providing protection while augmenting the aesthetic of your iPhone and looking simply stunning while doing so.Topical tropicalpatternOn the back and sides of this case is a stunning tropical themed pattern, which brings a touch of flair to your iPhone 8and serves as the perfect blend of the classic andcontemporary. The pattern is aesthetically pleasing and catches the eye when the device is placed face down or while you're using it out and about - perfect for attracting a little extra attention at a party, for example.A shield case and a free screen protectorfor your phoneLest you think this case is just a pretty face, think again. A sturdy, rigid polycarbonate frame - which nevertheless has the perfect amount of flexibility to protect your device - shields your iPhone 8from drops, scrapes and bumps. As part of the package, you will also receive a free screen protector which aims to add a further layer of protection for your screen, keeping it crystal clear and free from scratches.You really can have it all with this attractive and protective cover.Slim fitting and lightweightThis extremely lightweightcase provides excellent protection without adding any unnecessary bulkto your iPhone. This means that you will have no problems placing the phone in your pocket, bag or anywhere else. It also means the iPhone 8's natural form is preserved as well as protected.Designed specifically for the iPhone 8Designed specifically with the iPhone 8in mind, you can rest assured that the ports and features of your device will remain fully exposed - including the rear camera, charging port and volume keys -so you can use your phone to the fullest capacity whileit is in the case.

In Australia we've come to just expect it on Galaxy devices, but we'd hoped it might be different for the S5. But in speaking to our colleagues at CNET US, they expressed a little surprise — they're perfectly capable of configuring the docks on the S5 review units and they've always been able to across the Galaxy S range. We've contacted Samsung Australia to ask why the lock down seems to be regional, who made the decision, and what regions are affected. We'll update if we get a response. Once again, for reasons unknown, Australians are stuck with a locked homescreen dock on Samsung's flagship smartphone while other regions roam free.

If there's been one consistent complaint about Samsung's Galaxy range in Australia, it's revolved around the persistent application dock, We're talking, of course, about that strip of five icons that stay at the bottom of the screen as you scroll through your various homescreens, It houses, in order, the Phone, Contacts, Messages and lovecases paradise lust iphone 8 case - jungle boogie Internet apps, as well as a link through to the rest of your apps, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

A Cisco advisory issued Thursday listed 11 products and two services as vulnerable to the flaw, as well as more than 60 others considered "affected" as investigation of the flaw continue. Most of the products on the list relate to Cisco collaboration products such as IP telephones and communications servers. The messaging services deemed vulnerable -- Cisco's Registered Envelope Service (CRES) and Webex Messenger Service -- have already been patched, the company said. A pair of Juniper advisories listed various products as vulnerable, including those based on Junos OS 13.3R1 and the Odyssey client 5.6r5 and later.

The Heartbleed bug, which was introduced into OpenSSL more than two years ago by a developer submitting code to fix bugs, allows random bits of memory to be retrieved from impacted servers, Security researcher Bruce Schneier called the flaw "catastrophic." "On the scale of 1 to 10, this is an 11," he said, estimating that half a million Web sites were vulnerable, Many Web sites have been quick to patch the flaw (see CNET's list here), but repairing hardware may be more difficult, "It doesn't sound like a flip the switch sort of lovecases paradise lust iphone 8 case - jungle boogie thing," Juniper spokesperson Corey Olfert told the Wall Street Journal, "I don't know how quickly they can be resolved."The major security vulnerability affects networking equipment used to connect to the Web, the companies warn..

There's not much consumers can do to guard against infected servers, but there's plenty we can do to prevent becoming the next victim of the growing legion of malware purveyors. In a nutshell, don't click that link. This goes double for links in apps on our mobile devices, which generally aren't as well protected as PCs. According to the Cisco Security Blog's March 2014 Threat Metrics released earlier today, advertising is the most likely source of malware on mobile devices, increasing from 13 percent of mobile malware occurrences in February 2014, to 18 percent last month. Business sites were the source of 13 percent of mobile malware encounters in March, down from 20 percent the previous month; video sites accounted for 11 percent of mobile infections in the most recent month, compared to only 7 percent in the preceding month, according to the report.

Security vendor Blue Coat Systems' 2014 Mobile Malware Report points out the increasing danger of ads on mobile devices, According to the report, Web ads supplanted pornography as the most frequent source of mobile malware, accounting for just under 20 percent of all mobile "threat vectors" in February 2014, compared to only 5.7 percent in November 2012; porn-based threats decreased to 16.5 percent of mobile malware encounters from more than 22 percent in the earlier period, The malicious ads use a tried-and-true infection technique: a legitimate-looking alert warns that the device is infected and prompts you to click lovecases paradise lust iphone 8 case - jungle boogie to remove the infection, On Android devices, you'll then be prompted to change your settings to allow third-party downloads from sources other than the Google Play store..

That's why one of the recommendations in the report is to download apps only from authorized sources. The company also suggests that you block mobile ads, but doing so takes a concerted effort, and that effort may not be much use. For example, Eyeo's AdBlock Plus, one of the most popular ad-blocking services for PC browsers (available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome), isn't available in either Google Play or iTunes. (There is an app called "AdBlock" on iTunes, but it's from a developer I've never heard of, and it appears to be a standalone browser; I describe an alternative ad-blocking browser for Android and iOS below.).

You can download a version of AdBlock Plus for Android devices, but doing so requires that you change the setting to allow downloads from sources outside the Google Play service, Also, you have to configure the app manually by changing your proxy settings, Even after the lovecases paradise lust iphone 8 case - jungle boogie ad blocker is configured, you'll still be shown ads in the device's native browser and in other apps, The clunky configuration process and inconsistent ad blocking lead me to the conclusion that there's a better way, or two actually: the free version of the Mercury browser, which includes an ad-blocking option; and the free Lookout Mobile Security app, which offers a real-time malware scanner, Both programs are also available for each platform from the iTunes and Google Play stores..

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