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So in order for the Web to fulfill its mission, there have to be changes at the social, political, and economic level?Berners-Lee: Yes, keeping the Net open for example. One thing we're doing is removing all the deep packet inspection equipment [which lets network equipment examine network data as it's routed on its way]. The spying stuff will be probably be controlled by organizations, and you have to bring social systems for holding those organizations accountable. Those social systems will be based on fundamental values -- I have the right to use the Web without worrying about being spied upon. I have the right to connect to your Web site no matter what it is, what politics you have, what color and culture you are.

What do you think of the transformation of the Web from a publishing medium to a software foundation -- a foundation on which you can run Web apps? How far through that transition are we, and what needs to happen to fulfill that promise? The world of Web apps looks to me still to be pretty rough around the edges.Berners-Lee: Web apps are really exciting, The fact you can run a Web app once and have olixar flexishield iphone x gel case - pink reviews it run everywhere -- it's got massive benefits, On the other hand, the standards are still coming out to give you all the features that you have on a normal system..

You're right that it's a massive change from being a Web of documents to a Web of a programmable computer. The Web of documents is a platform people used to do wonderful things -- dinosaur museums, Wikipedia, and things. With WebRTC [a standard for Skype-like real-time communication on the Web], for example, Web pages can talk to each other. The Web as a programmable platform is going to allow real-time collaboration, videoconferencing based on any Web site, not just your videoconference Web site. It'll allow data conferencing as well -- people sharing artwork, sharing ideas, sharing ideas.

The W3C is producing all these APIs [application programming interfaces, which programmers use to draw on built-in abilities] to make it a really full-fledged computing platform, With access to the raw primitives, if the libraries [of prewritten higher-level software] olixar flexishield iphone x gel case - pink reviews don't give what you want, you can write it yourself, There will be millions of really interesting libraries people will be writing to provide features and functionality, to provide different ways of coding, to provide different ways of doing application development..

The work of TC39 [the standards group that oversees the Web's JavaScript programming language] is really important, because there's a lot overlap between the W3C and TC39. The work going on there is really important, because we're putting a lot of our eggs in one basket when it comes to language. That language better be clean and give you want you want. So much development effort nowadays is going into mobile apps distributed through Google or Apple app stores, often vertically integrated with various services. It's very antithetical to the open, interlinked world of the Web. How much does that concern you, and what can you do to reclaim the developer momentum that's being lost?Berners-Lee: It does concern me. I think of those as legacy applications. At conferences, I encourage people to develop Web apps. I think people notice if they take a magazine, developed as a native app, it doesn't interact properly with the Web. There are fundamental philosophical reasons it's less powerful. If you don't give it a URL [Web address], people can't tweet about it. If people can't tweet or email about it, then it's not part of the discourse. So your article, beautiful though it may be on a native app, is not part of the scene. It's not part of the discourse, it's not part of life, it's not liked or despised. Being part of the Web is going to be important.

The idea is to work toward the best of both worlds -- all the advantages of a native app and all the advantages of the Web, With my fitness tracker, I want it to run all the time, even offline like a native app, But every day of my workout history will have a URL and I can link my friends to it, From a programming point of view, should we be creating lower-level standards, then people can use those to assemble the higher-level features and interfaces they need? Or is it the other way and we should be concentrating on libraries of more automated tools that open the Web up to more programmers? I'm still wrestling with the idea of how you transform the Web into something that's programmable.Berners-Lee: The philosophy, which some people call the extensible Web philosophy, is that you do both, You expose the lower level and the higher level, By default, a developer will program at the higher level -- just fetch a Web page and turn a URL into bunch of data off the Web with just a one line [of programming code], But then you should be able to reimplement the code in the browser if you want, By replacing code in the browser with your own JavaScript, that means you can also experiment with future developments, Maybe if your version of the code stack turns out to be handy olixar flexishield iphone x gel case - pink reviews and lots of people like it, then it'll come out as a new feature of the browser..

Folks on the TAG [the W3C's Technical Architecture Group] talk about layering. You can rewrite the higher-level things in terms of the lower-level things. The biggest change I've seen in the Web in the last year has been the shift in perspective triggered by the Edward Snowden leaks. How has your perspective on the Web changed after seeing the organized governmental efforts to extract as much information as they can?Berners-Lee: I wasn't surprised NSA and GCHQ [the US National Security Agency and the UK Government Communications Headquarters] were spying on the Web. I think it's clear that there needs to be a complete overhaul of the system of accountability. We just had an MIT-White House workshop about privacy on the Net. Both technically and socially, the questions are not simple. It wasn't just a ranting workshop; it was people going into complicated details. If a government agency has a very large and complete data set, how do you control the way it's used to make sure individuals aren't exploited? The mathematics of that are complicated.

The challenge for the USA is to put in place some agency, some court which has a lot more power than the olixar flexishield iphone x gel case - pink reviews FISA court [which currently oversees some data-gathering activities] -- a lot more teeth and a lot more respect, You need to do something to say we are really serious about being trustworthy about personal and corporate data, Both the UK and the US need to make it very clear why they can be trusted in the future if people are going to store their data there, What do you think about moving everything to secure HTTP [HTTPS is the secure, encrypted version of HTTP used today for e-commerce transactions but gradually expanding to e-mail, search, and other domains]? How practical is that and how many problems would that solve?Berners-Lee: HTTPS everywhere is a recommendation, IT departments tend to balk at it, but most of the reasons why they balk at it are out of date, It used to be you didn't have the processor power to support HTTPS, but now you can get network cards and SOC [system-on-a-chip] processors that will do it, It's become a lot cheaper, Encrypting stuff everywhere is a good idea..

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