Olixar Flexishield iPhone Xr Gel Case - Black - Hot Sale

Custom moulded for the iPhone XR, this jet black FlexiShield gel case from Olixar provides excellent protection against damage as well as a slimline fit for added convenience.Made from a strong, durable material for long lasting protection, Each FlexiShield case is made from a special strong and durable gel material, which makes it flexible like silicone and tougher than a crystal case providing you with long lasting protection for your iPhone XR.The material used gives a non-slip coating to the case for extra grip, The unique gel material used has a non-slip coating that provides you with extra grip for your phone, which minimises the chance of dropping your device - meaning this case is professional enough for work and sporty enough for play.Slim fitting design adds no extra bulk and fits perfectly in your pocket, The FlexiShield case is designed to be slim, lightweight and strong - so you can be assured that this case will add virtually no extra bulk to your iPhone XRso it will still fit in your pocket with ease.Raised bezel on the case protects your iPhone XR'sscreen from scratches and dirt, This case has a raised bezel that prevents your iPhone iPhone XR'sscreen from coming into contact with any flat surface when you place the phone face down. This prevents youriPhone XR's screen from getting any unwanted scratches and dirt on it.Cut-outs for all the iPhone XR'sfeatures and ports so you'll never need to take the case off, EachOlixar FlexiShield has been designed specifically for the iPhone XRand features cut-outs for the various ports and features such as the rear facing camera.

Among the announcement highlights from Build's first day. Windows Phone 8.1: The update to the mobile OS is going to be available "in the next few months," said Microsoft VP Joe Belfiore, though new devices will launch with the software in April and May. The software will be ready for download on all Lumia phones in an update by the summer. Microsoft and Nokia also introduced three new Lumias: the 930, the 630, and the 635. Cortana: Microsoft announced its long-rumored voice assistant service for Windows Phone, Cortana, a rival to Google Now and Apple's Siri that replaces the search function on Windows Phone.

Windows 8.1: The update to the desktop OS restores some of the features Windows users have clamored for since the Metro interface first launched, Microsoft plans to have the update available April 8, Universal Windows apps: Developers will be able to use common code to produce apps across phones, tablets, and laptops, as well as the Xbox gaming and media console, Since being appointed to replace Ballmer as CEO in early February, Nadella in his public comments has underscored the importance of developers in furthering Microsoft's transition to a olixar flexishield iphone xr gel case - black mobile and cloud-centric future..

Last week, for instance, Nadella offered a hint of coming attractions, when Microsoft announced that Office 365 will be available on the iPad, with users' apps being stored in the cloud. That was a big bet, given that Office is the company's cash cow: In Microsoft's most recent full fiscal year, which ended in June, the Office-dominated business division accounted for more than $16 billion of Microsoft's nearly $27 billion in operating profits. But it fit with Nadella's vision for the company navigating through what he described as "this world of mobile-first/ cloud-first going forward."Nadella predicted a world in which "there will be more new form factors because of the core evolution of silicon." In another nod to his audience, he added that Microsoft's goal is to make sure that developers have the best possible opportunity to flourish in that emerging world.

That's a change from the PC-centric era Microsoft dominated in the late 1990s, when neither Bill Gates nor Ballmer had to sweat to convince developers that it made sense to make Windows olixar flexishield iphone xr gel case - black their top priority, Back then, technology for technology's sake was enough to get people energized, "Today, because of the multiplatform world, developers pay more attention to the business and they read things they didn't used to read," said Tim O'Brien, the executive in charge of the Developer Platform Evangelism Group at Microsoft, "When it was a 96 percent Microsoft share world, there wasn't much question about what they would do."The new CEO promises developers gathered for annual Build confab in San Francisco that Microsoft can offer them the tools they need to compete in increasingly cross-platform world..

Details obtained by the tech site suggest Google may introduce a host of handy, fresh features. Leaked screen shots apparently show a more refined user interface along with other new abilities plus support for more kinds of groups. Should the rumors prove accurate, Gmail will add three extra categories (Travel, Purchases, and Finance) to the existing four of Social, Promotions, Forums, and Updates. Likely user-defined and customized, these could go a long way to making Google Now even smarter. Additional features Google is possibly testing include pinning an email to the top of your inbox and snoozing (marking read) for a determinate amount of time.

The look and feel of Gmail may change as well; the leaked images show round contact icons, more white space, and a more Google-y overall appearance, As Geek writer Russell Holly points out, not all of these features olixar flexishield iphone xr gel case - black may arrive at the same time, Some could be delivered piecemeal while others maybe shelved altogether, And, if we're to expect a new mobile experience, a refreshed desktop UI might not be far behind either, Google could soon introduce additional groups, pinning, and snoozing to the Gmail experience..

T-Mobile CEO John Legere said in a blog post on Wednesday that anyone enrolled in the Advantage Program before April 1 would be able to keep their plan as long as they worked for a participating employer and remained on a qualifying plan. Customers need to participate in a simple annual online employer verification system. It's an about-face for the carrier, which last week said it was doing away with the corporate discount plans in an effort to clear things up and remove the confusion over varying rates of discounts based on deals between the carrier and big businesses. It was the latest attempt to shake up the industry, but unlike past moves, it wasn't met with enthusiasm.

It turns out, people liked their discounts, and were vocal about it, "Over the past few days, I've been doing a lot of listening to our customers," Legere said in the olixar flexishield iphone xr gel case - black post, Legere said he still believes complicated rate plan discounts and backroom deals with big corporations are unfair, "I meant what I said: we're not going to play that game anymore," he said, New customers will have to go on the new rate with no corporate discount, In lieu of a discount, T-Mobile offered a $25 reward card toward a new device..

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