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Custom made for the iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus, this gold XRing case from Olixar provides excellent protection and a handy finger loop to keep your phone in your hand, whether from accidental drops or attempted theft.Made from a strong, durable lightweight material for long lasting protectionEach XRing case is made from a special strong and lightweight durablematerial,providing you with long lasting protection for your iPhone without making it cumbersome.Finger loop for extra protection - in more ways than oneThe XRinggets its name from an ingenious finger loop system on the rear of the case. This loop folds flat and out of view if you do not want or need it. But if you do, simply pull the loop out, slip your finger through and you have an extra secure grip on your phone. This is not only important in the sense that you will not drop your phone under any circumstances, but also in the sense that your iPhone cannot be snatched from your hand. So, security against damage and security against theft - that's the beauty of XRing.Loop doubles as a viewing standAnother benefit of the XRing is that the loop can also perform as a handy viewing stand. Just pull the loop out to its full extent and rest your phone at an angle on a flat surface. The loop will prop the iPhone up at a perfect viewing angle for watching media.Slim fitting design adds no extra bulk and fits perfectly in your pocketThe XRing case is designed to be slim, lightweight and strong - so you can be assured that this case will add virtually no extra bulk to your iPhoneso it will still fit in your pocket with ease.Cut-outs for all the iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plusfeatures and ports so you'll never need to take the case offEachOlixar XRing has been designed specifically for the iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus and features cut-outs for the various ports and features such as the rear facing camera.

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Member Since: 2 July 2009, Short Bio: Elizabeth Armstrong Moore is a freelance journalist in Portland, Ore, She covered 9/11 from Ground Zero as The Christian Science Monitor's Earl Foell intern in New York the day after her 22nd birthday, and served as a staff writer for the paper in Boston until moving to Portland in 2005, Her work has appeared in Wired magazine, the Moscow Times, Oregon Public Broadcasting, and on the covers of Portland Monthly, Willamette Week, and the Chicago Reader, Moore olixar xring iphone 8 plus / 7 plus finger loop case - gold graduated magna-c.um-laude from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in 2001, and has reported from as far a field as Kazan in Russia and Iqaluit just below the Arctic Circle, She won a Society of Professional Journalists "personalities" award for her Willamette Week profile of piano prodigy Stanley Waters..

Almost two years after Apple and Samsung faced off in a messy patent dispute, the smartphone and tablet rivals will return to the same San Jose, Calif., courtroom and appear before the same federal judge who presided over their 2012 case to argue once again over patents. The trial, which begins March 31, is the latest in a long-running patent infringement spat that has involved jury trials, International Trade Commission disputes, and numerous international suits. Apple and Samsung have accused each other of copying features used in their popular smartphones and tablets, and a jury will have to decide who actually infringed and how much money is due. This trial involves different patents and newer devices than the ones disputed at trial in August 2012 and in a damages retrial in November 2013.

The new trial involves the iPhone 5, released in olixar xring iphone 8 plus / 7 plus finger loop case - gold September 2012, and Samsung's Galaxy S3 , which also debuted in 2012, But what's really at stake is the market for mobile devices, Apple now gets two-thirds of it sales from the iPhone and iPad, South Korea-based Samsung is the world's largest maker of smartphones, and both want to keep dominating the market, So far, Apple is ahead, In 2012, the jury in a month-long trial presided over by Judge Lucy Koh, sided with Apple, The damages retrial in November of 2013 also favored Apple, Samsung so far has been ordered to pay Apple nearly $1 billion in damages for infringing its patents..

However, Samsung has had more success outside the US, and Apple hasn't succeeded in receiving a sales ban on Samsung products in the U.S. -- something that could cause bigger problems for the maker of the iPhone and iPad. To get a better understanding of what's at stake and what the patent war is all about, CNET put together this FAQ. When did all this litigation start?. Apple initially filed suit against Samsung in April 2011, accusing its rival of copying the look and feel of its iPhones and iPads. Samsung countersued, and the case went to trial in August 2012. A nine-person jury sided with Apple on a majority of its patent infringement claims against Samsung. It a warded Apple $1.05 billion in damages, much less than the $2.75 billion sought by the Cupertino, California company. Samsung, which asked for $421 million in its countersuit, didn't get anything.

However, Judge Koh in March 2013 ordered a new trial to recalculate some of the damages in the case, striking $450.5 million off the original judgment against Samsung, A jury in November awarded Apple an additional $290.5 million in damages, bringing the total damages to $930 million, What is this 2014 trial about?, olixar xring iphone 8 plus / 7 plus finger loop case - gold Apple filed suit against Samsung on Feb, 8, 2012, accusing it of infringing several patents, Samsung then filed counterclaims against Apple, In Apple's original suit, the company said Samsung "has systematically copied Apple's innovative technology and products, features, and designs, and has deluged markets with infringing devices in an effort to usurp market share from Apple." Apple will argue, as it has in the past, that it took on a lot of work and risk to develop the first iPhone and iPad..

Samsung, meanwhile, will argue that Apple is trying to hurt competition by targeting it for litigation. It also claims that Apple has infringed some of its patents. "Without the ability to enforce its intellectual property rights .. Samsung would not be able to sustain the extensive commitment to research and development that has enabled it to lead the way into numerous improvements across a broad range of technologies," the company said in a court document in April 2012. What's different this time around?.

Along with different patents and different devices, this trial has some interesting new facets, One is that most Samsung features that Apple says infringe are items that are a part of Android, Google's mobile operating system that powers Samsung's devices, All patents except one, called "slide to unlock," are built into Android, Why doesn't Apple just sue Google?, Suing Google wouldn't get Apple anywhere since Google doesn't make its own phones or tablets, Instead, Apple has sued companies that sell physical devices using Android, a rival to Apple's iOS mobile operating system, In particular, Apple believes Samsung has followed a olixar xring iphone 8 plus / 7 plus finger loop case - gold strategy to copy its products and then undercut Apple's pricing, While Apple isn't suing Google, it expects that Google will make changes to its software if Samsung is found to infringe on patents through Samsung's Android devices..

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