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About the ArtworkI began a wonderful collaboration with a ballerina called Laura Psy and began a series of studies based around her feet in ballet positions. What drew me to work with her, as well as the beautiful movement she creates with her body, were the unusual ballet shoes she wore. Rarely to I get to indulge in such strong and bold colours.This is another of my ballet series, in which I'm playing with texture, movement and shape. I'm endlessly amazed at the strength and skill in ballet, here I'm examining the feet on pointe. These smaller works take a dozen or so hours. About the Card BLANK CARD300gsm Arcoprint Unincoated CardWhite Envelope I use a local family run printers called Original Giclee- a service run by artist for artists. The prints are high quality, on beautiful paper that highlights the details of the artwork. ORIGINAL PAINTING AVAILABLEPACKS OF CARDS AVAILABLE

What did she not like about school?. Ava, clutching a stuffed Ninja Turtle that had once belonged to Jacob, didn’t answer. Three weeks later, the doctor filled out a state form recommending that she be home-schooled. His diagnosis: “Severe PTSD/depression, exacerbated by school attendance.”. Ava – the only student pulled from Townville this school year because of the shooting – alternated between long stretches of quiet anguish and explosions of rage, her mother said. She started hitting herself and yanking out her eyelashes, and once clawed her nails so deep into her elbow that it became infected.

Ava had mastered a cartwheel days before the shooting but no longer talked about becoming a cheerleader, Instead, she began repeating what red ballet shoes blank greeting card dancer on pointe, ballerina artwork print / birthday cards, art prints, greetings by uk art the shooter had screamed on the playground: “I hate my life.”, She stopped watching “Frozen” because Elsa’s parents die, She erupted when her mother took off the necklace with the vial of Jacob’s ashes his family had given them, She couldn’t look at the pistol her father, a former police officer, kept in the house, She snipped glittery green and red stickers into tiny pieces, then used them to cover up scary words in “Little House on the Prairie”: gun, fire, blood, kill..

The shooting had lasted just 12 seconds. Ava’s parents worried it would torment their daughter for years. They didn’t know what to do, in part because their son, Cameron – just 10 months younger – had also been on the playground that day, but he fared far better in the aftermath. They sent Ava to two therapists, took her to doctors who gave her medication for anxiety, encouraged her to record her thoughts in a leopard-print journal. “I miss Jacob,” she wrote one day in March.

“I can’t stop feeling mad,” she scribbled one day in April, “No one ever listens to me,” she confided a few days later, “I hate guns,” she scrawled a week after that, Ava red ballet shoes blank greeting card dancer on pointe, ballerina artwork print / birthday cards, art prints, greetings by uk art had made progress, her parents thought, until the day before Easter, when she and her brother were playing “boat” in the bed of their dad’s Chevrolet pickup outside the family’s home, Suddenly, Cameron frightened her, She pushed him and he fell backward, hitting his head against a stone well, Blood trickled down the back of his neck..

“Oh my God,” she screamed. Their parents loaded the kids into the car and rushed to the emergency room. “I don’t want to die,” Cameron cried. Then Ava, fearing what she’d done to him, said. “I’m just like Jesse.”. Forty miles away, the 14-year-old at the center of it all sat inside a juvenile detention center on a recent evening and considered his future. “I don’t want to go to hell,” he told Patsy, his grandmother. Jesse, who hasn’t entered a plea but could serve decades in prison if he’s tried as an adult, spends most of his time reading, particularly about Mars, his family said. He wants to fly there one day.

They don’t dispute the accusations against him, but they’ve struggled to understand why their “baby,” who stands taller than 6 feet, would harm anyone, His mother, red ballet shoes blank greeting card dancer on pointe, ballerina artwork print / birthday cards, art prints, greetings by uk art Tiffney Osborne, remembers the wild rabbit he once rescued from the jaws of a family guard dog, Jesse kept it alive for five days in a cardboard box, His grandmother remembers his reluctance to work with his father, Jeffrey, in their farm’s chicken houses because he didn’t like to break the birds’ necks..

His grandfather remembers camping trips to North Carolina and the day they saw “Frozen,” one of Jesse’s favorites. The teen had handled guns since he was young, but so had many other kids in Townville. His family said he was enamored with Airsoft, a paintball-like game in which players shoot one another with pellets, and that he liked to fire pistols at hay bales with his dad – just as they did the weekend before the killing. They’ve all heard the theory that he shot his father because he thought Jeffrey had killed a pet bunny, “Floppy.” Maybe, his grandfather said, that’s what Jesse meant in the call – “I told him not to do that.” But maybe he fired the gun for some other reason. Father and son, Tiffney said, sometimes had heated arguments.

Jesse, his mother said she’d learned, had retrieved the pistol from her husband’s nightstand and shot him from behind, After his arrest, he confided to her that he didn’t want his dad to suffer, so when Jesse realized Jeffrey was still red ballet shoes blank greeting card dancer on pointe, ballerina artwork print / birthday cards, art prints, greetings by uk art moving after the first bullet, he kept firing, The teen told the firefighter who restrained him that he’d lost faith in God and didn’t know what else to do, said McAdams, the fire chief, Jesse also told the firefighter that he was sorry..

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