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Following Wheeler's talk, NAB Executive Vice President for Strategic Planning Rick Kaplan said that even though broadcasters appreciate the chairman's efforts to offer up a plan for the future, he was disappointed that Wheeler didn't see the existing broadcast network as a worthy competitor to the current wireless broadband model, especially for video distribution. Kaplan, former chief of FCC's wireless bureau under Chairman Julius Genachowski, said there's not enough spectrum available for the wireless industry to effectively deliver the demands of live TV events to mobile devices. He said broadcast by nature is the only distribution model that is equipped to handle the load.

"Chairman Wheeler laid out a plan that has broadcasters relying on cable and phone companies to deliver our content," he said, "But he ignored the benefits of our one-to-many architecture, which is the only way that mass video can be distributed."To that end, strongfit designers case for apple iphone 7 plus - white/red/purple/pink Wheeler said the FCC wants to work with broadcasters, And when asked by NAB's Smith about his suggestion of developing a National Broadcast Plan that provides a roadmap for how to preserve the broadcast industry and ready it for the future, Wheeler said he was open to it, so long as Congress approves it and foots the bill..

"I take the suggestion of a National Broadcast Plan seriously," he said. "If Congress will do the same kind of thing that it did for the National Broadband Plan in terms of granting authority and funding it, I will guarantee, we will deliver a plan."He reiterated that the FCC is not working at odds with the broadcast industry. "I'm not here to rehash old issues," he said. "We want to work with you to focus on the future. You have an opportunity to think new and act anew. It's our job to facilitate such innovation."Tom Wheeler says he has a plan to make sure TV broadcasters survive and flourish in the new broadband future. But broadcasters are skeptical about its implementation.

However, Samsung, in its cross examination, sought to poke holes in expert John Hauser's methodology, Its attorneys said features such as brand and strongfit designers case for apple iphone 7 plus - white/red/purple/pink operating system factor more prominently in consumers' purchase decisions, Almost two years after Apple and Samsung faced off in a messy patent dispute, the smartphone and tablet rivals have returned to the same San Jose, Calif., courtroom to argue once again over patents before federal Judge Lucy Koh, Apple is arguing that Samsung infringed on five of its patents for the iPhone, its biggest moneymaker, and that Apple is due $2 billion for that infringement, Samsung wants about $7 million from Apple for infringing two of its software patents..

While the companies are asking for damages, the case is about more than money. What's really at stake is the market for mobile devices. Apple now gets two-thirds of it sales from the iPhone and iPad, South Korea-based Samsung is the world's largest maker of smartphones, and both want to keep dominating the market. So far, Apple is ahead when it comes to litigation in the US. Samsung has been ordered to pay the company about $930 million in damages. Hauser, the Kirin professor of marketing at the MIT Sloan School of Management, is key to Apple's argument that it deserves about $2 billion in damages for Samsung's alleged infringement. The company argues that Samsung copied Apple's iPhone as it tried to figure out how to react and compete with the device. It realized it "simply did not have a product that could compete successfully against the iPhone," Apple attorneys said during opening arguments last week. Samsung, however, argues that many of the patented items are features Google had earlier created for Android.

Hauser surveyed hundreds of Samsung device users -- 507 for phones and 459 for tablets -- to measure the percent of consumers who would buy devices with certain features, He then used those results to determine how much people would pay for Apple's patented features, "The features that were enabled by the patents at issue in this case have a measurable impact on consumer demand for Samsung devices," Hauser said during his testimony Tuesday, Hauser surveyed users about Apple's patented features -- universal search, background syncing, quick links, automatic word strongfit designers case for apple iphone 7 plus - white/red/purple/pink correction, and slide-to-unlock -- as well as 21 other features such as screen size, camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, and voice-to-text, However, he didn't take into account brand, operating system, battery life, or LTE connectivity as reasons for buying a phone..

Samsung attorney Bill Price, in his cross examination, questioned that methodology. He noted that brand and operating system are two of the most important factors consumers consider before purchasing a device. In the case, Apple and Samsung have accused each other of copying features used in their popular smartphones and tablets, and the jury will have to decide who actually infringed and how much money is due. This trial involves different patents and newer devices than the ones disputed at trial in August 2012 and in a damages retrial in November 2013. For instance, the new trial involves the iPhone 5 , released in September 2012, and Samsung's Galaxy S3 , which also debuted in 2012.

The latest trial kicked off last Monday with jury selection, Last Tuesday featured opening arguments and testimony by Phil Schiller, Apple's head of marketing, Other witnesses who have strongfit designers case for apple iphone 7 plus - white/red/purple/pink testified include Greg Christie, an Apple engineer who invented the slide-to-unlock iPhone feature; Thomas Deniau, a France-based Apple engineer who helped develop the company's quick link technology; and Justin Denison, chief strategy officer of Samsung Telecommunications America, Denison's testimony came via a deposition video..

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