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**** GENERAL PRICES STARTS AT $100.***** Pricing depends on if I&#39;m providing shoe or if you&#39;re providing shoe, shoes style, shoe size, and color(s) of crystal desired!! *******~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THIS LISTING AS IT&#39;S FOR ADVERTISING ONLY. PLEASE MESSAGE ME TO SET UP A CUSTOM LISTING FOR YOUR CUSTOM DESIGNED SHOE. GUARANTEE TO BE THE MOST COMPETITIVE IN PRICING!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I can design these shoes from toddler to adults sizes and any color combination you desire. Pricing depends on size of shoes and color of crystals desired as well as any design wanted. Please contact me for a custom listing made for your special shoe and price inquires. Pricing starts at $100.00 for these, depending on shoe size or if you&#39;re sending me the shoe to design. All custom orders are price quoted the most competitively among others. Send me a message and we can chat about what you&#39;re looking for! :)My turn around time is 2-3 weeks but I can have your shoes ready and rushed to you if needed!! Please convo me for turn around time and your needs. Price includes high quality rhinestones, not Swarovski crystals. This is in an attempt to make the shoes more affordable for you. If you would prefer Swarovski crystals, please contact me as this will add an increased cost; Swarovski is more expensive! We are equipped with offering Swarovski crystals on your entire shoe if you&#39;d like. (or scattered throughout)Please check out my Etsy Store for other and coordinating items! New items being added weekly! www.etsy.com/shop/pursesueyourdreamPlease "LIKE" my Facebook page for more items, updates and discounts! There you&#39;ll see more pictures of my work including wine glasses, champagne glasses and more.www.facebook.com/PurseSueYourDreamsPlease contact me with any questions or issues before leaving your review, I will do my best to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase. Please help us grow on Etsy. Your positive feedback is much appreciated!! :)From a clean, pet and smoke free studio. Colors may vary slightly depending on various computers resolution settings and displays. Small parts may cause choking hazard - please always supervise baby. <3Thank you for looking at my designs and as always have a FABULOUS day!! :)**ALL SALES IN THIS SHOP ARE FINAL**Please insure feet measurements to limit any possibility for incorrect sizing! All custom sales in this shop are final and there are no returns and/or refunds unless a mistake is made on my behalf.

My concern with Rep. Xavier Becerra becoming California’s Attorney General is simple. Would he allow state proposals where enough signatures were accumulated to be placed on the ballot?. Kamala Harris, the previous Attorney General, used her power to prevent initiatives from being placed on the ballot even when voters had obtained enough signatures for the initiative to be placed on the ballot. I don’t mind courts taking action against initiatives that they consider illegal.  Clearly Harris didn’t  want a pension reform initiative placed on the ballot. She indicated the language was confusing and could mislead voters.

Would Rep, Becerra allow the process to work, or would he also attempt to block the swarovski crystal rhinestone wedding ballet flats - bridal flat shoes - cinderella slippers - bridal swarovski crystal shoes - w will of the voter?, Rev, Ernest Cockrell (Letters, Jan, 11) insists that “Israel has the power to make a secure peace with the Palestinians.” If only, The Jews of pre-state Israel accepted the 1937 and 1947 partition plans, The Arabs rejected them and then tried to destroy Israel at its birth in 1948, In 1967, Egypt expelled all U.N, peacekeepers from its Israeli border and tried to annihilate Israel again, After Israel won the war, it offered to return captured territory for peace, The Arabs said no..

During talks in 2000, 2001 and 2008, Israel offered the Palestinians a state. The Palestinians rejected peace and responded instead by bombing Israeli schools, buses, discos and pizzerias full of children. In 2005, Israel unilaterally withdrew from Gaza; Gaza’s Palestinians responded by firing 15,000 rockets at Israeli cities. Israel would love a secure peace. But it takes two to tango, and sadly, the Palestinians refuse to dance. All of the recent articles on the housing crisis are akin to fake news being promulgated by growth zealots looking to sacrifice any reasonable quality of life to keep the development gravy train rolling. California and the Bay Area have an over-population crisis.  California’s environment cannot sustain 40 million people.  We now live in the state with the nation’s worst air quality, the most endangered species, non-stop water crises, traffic gridlock and worsening educational institutions and quality of life. Rather than strategizing on squeezing more housing into less space or attempting to turn sea water to drinking water, our elected local and state representatives should address the real underlying problem: over-population and the “we can grow the economy forever” mentality that has turned our human population into a weapon of mass destruction.  A stable state economy with growth limits and zoning restrictions to prevent over-development is the action required.

Gabriela Sepulveda wasn’t even born when the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose held its first Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos celebration, but the 17-year-old singer/songwriter has been performing at the event for almost half her life, Gabriela first sang there at age 10, two years after she made her performing debut in a school talent show, The San Jose resident will take the stage again at the 19th annual Dia de los Tres Reyes, set for Jan, 14-15 at the museum, Part of the museum’s Cultural Celebration series, the event marks the observance in many Spanish-speaking countries of the three kings’ journey to Bethlehem to bestow gifts on the baby Jesus, Gabriela swarovski crystal rhinestone wedding ballet flats - bridal flat shoes - cinderella slippers - bridal swarovski crystal shoes - w is one of several entertainers who will perform traditional songs and dances throughout the weekend..

“In my performance at the event, audiences can expect the majority of my songs to be traditional Spanish-Mexican ranchera songs,” Gabriela says. “Every year, I open my show with the traditional song called ‘Los Reyes Magos,’ or ‘The Wise Kings,’ by Argentine composer Ariel Ramirez, which tells the story of the journey of the three kings who bring gifts to baby Jesus. This song is done while the Three Kings join me on stage as I sing to them and the audience. That is one of my favorite parts of my performance.”.

In addition to the music, the museum’s celebration offers attendees the opportunity to create papel picado by cutting paper into elaborate designs, and to try their hand at other traditional Mexican crafts, including tissue paper flowers and corn husk dolls, Rosca de Reyes will be served, although whoever gets the plastic baby Jesus doll in their piece of the pastry will not be expected to follow tradition and make tamales for everyone in attendance, As the daughter of a swarovski crystal rhinestone wedding ballet flats - bridal flat shoes - cinderella slippers - bridal swarovski crystal shoes - w Mexican mother and Chilean father, Gabriela says she appreciates the museum’s efforts to showcase her family’s culture..

El Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos is officially celebrated on Jan. 6, and Gabriela says her family follows the tradition of leaving notes in their shoes to let the three kings know what gifts to bring them. “This tradition is close to the hearts of many Latin people and for many, the Tres Reyes Magos have more significance than other popular figures like Santa Claus,” the young singer adds. “For this reason, I love performing at the Children’s Discovery Museum every year since it makes me feel pride when listening and watching performers educate others from our community on the Spanish-speaking culture.”.

Gabriela expressed her cultural pride in her audition last year for the final season of “American Idol,” where she was tapped as a contestant after singing a bilingual version of “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?” While her time on that show was short, her other accomplishments in 2016 included winning World Song of the swarovski crystal rhinestone wedding ballet flats - bridal flat shoes - cinderella slippers - bridal swarovski crystal shoes - w Year and the Fans’ Choice Award at the Josie Music Awards for her song, “Pero Nadie.” Held in Nashville, the awards ceremony honors independent, unsigned musicians..

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