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Ever wanted to check how you're looking on the go? With the Ted Baker Antique Mirror Folio case in a Tranquillity Black styling for the iPhone 7, you can do just that thanks to a concealed mirror on the inside of the case's flip cover.

The main way the phone will stand apart is its 3D features, so the company plans to have things like 3D wallpapers and 3D mapping, in addition to being able to see 3D images in its digital shopping channels. The company is also working to bring on major third-party developers to build 3D-friendly apps for the phone before it launches. In addition to the 3D features, the device is also reported to have a 13-megapixel rear camera, 4.6-inch screen with 720p HD resolution, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and have 2GB of RAM. Not surprisingly, the phone will run on a version of Google's Android operating system that is similar to what Amazon uses for the Kindle Fire tablet.

If true, the screen size and resolution deviates from the trend of late among device makers -- bigger screens and higher resolution, Latest report ted baker antique mirror folio iphone 7 case - tranquillity black reviews on Amazon's first branded phone, including leaked photos, suggests the company will play up the device's 3D interface, which is said to set it apart from the competition, Amazon's long-rumored smartphone will use its 3D capabilities for 3D wallpapers, mapping and, of course, shopping, according to a report published by BGR on Tuesday, Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic, We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read, Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

HTC is considering launching an updated HTC One M8 with a plastic chassis, Digitimes reported on Tuesday, citing people who claim to be in the company's supply chain. Samsung, meanwhile, is considering a metal-alloy version of its Galaxy S5. Samsung and HTC are fighting a bitter battle over supremacy in the Android smartphone market. Last week, Samsung launched its flagship handset, the Galaxy S5, with a plastic chassis. HTC criticized Samsung's device while touting that its own flagship smartphone, the One M8, was a better option because of its metal case design.

HTC's change of heart is all about hitting a lower price point, Digitimes' sources say, HTC could be able to ted baker antique mirror folio iphone 7 case - tranquillity black reviews drop the price on its M8 $300 by switching to plastic in emerging markets where its metal-only design might prove too expensive, The sources didn't say why Samsung might be planning to go with an aluminum option, CNET has contacted both Samsung and HTC for comment on the Digitimes report, We will update this story when we have more information, Given Digitimes' record, however, one would be smart to take this report with a grain of salt until the companies have their say..

The all-cash deal, which was reportedly agreed to in the past few days, is expected to be completed by the end of 2014, the companies announced Tuesday. Zebra specializes in barcode, receipt, kiosk, and radio frequency identification (RFID) printers and supplies for businesses. The Lincolnshire, Illinois-based firm provides tracking technology to companies worldwide, from helping Amazon track inventory to building human-tracking gadgets, which help athletes assess their performance. The company says it is a provider of technologies that "allow customers to take smarter actions," and "provide greater visibility into mission-critical information."Motorola Solutions' enterprise unit not only produces mobile devices including tablets for the corporate market, but also sells barcode scanners to retailers worldwide.

The technologies fall under the Internet of Things (IoT) -- the idea of connecting and tracking physical ted baker antique mirror folio iphone 7 case - tranquillity black reviews goods through networks and the Web, Zebra's acquisition may be related to the launch of Zebra's Zatar unit in 2013, which focuses on helping businesses use IoT to improve operations, In a press release at the time, Zebra said, "The increased use of cloud computing and the ubiquity of wireless networks have made connecting devices and sensors more appealing and cost-efficient, This has fueled the rapid growth of the Internet of Things and the race to connect devices and sensors that can be remotely monitored, managed and mined for valuable data."In December, Zebra acquired Hart Systems, a provider of cloud-based physical inventory management solutions, for approximately $94 million in cash..

Zebra's shares are down about 6 percent at $63.77 at the time of this report, while Motorola Solutions' stock was down about 1 percent at $63.13. This story originally appeared as "Zebra Technologies buys Motorola enterprise unit for $3.5bn" on ZDNet. It has been slightly modified to reflect new information. Zebra Technologies snaps up Motorola Solutions' enterprise unit, which makes mobile devices and barcode scanners, for $3.45 billion in cash. Zebra Technologies will take on Motorola Solutions' enterprise unit, a maker of mobile devices for businesses, for $3.45 billion in cash.

On Tuesday -- ted baker antique mirror folio iphone 7 case - tranquillity black reviews and on Tuesday only -- any US resident with a US shipping address can buy the Google Glass Explorer Edition at the regular price of $1,500, Sorry, those of you outside the US are out of luck, But Google says it's working hard to bring Glass to other countries, To grab your Glass, head over to Google's order page, Select your color, Choose a free accessory, such as frames or shades, Add more products to the mix if you wish, including earbuds, a charging kit, and a carrying case, Prepare to spend $1,500 and then submit your order, Google promises to ship your Glass within 5 to 7 business days..

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