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GHOST QI 15WCharge untangled with the GHOST Qi 15W Wireless Charging Pad. Engineered for 15 watts of rapid refueling, it charges Qi enabled smartphones and tablets to full capacity three times faster than standard five watt charging pads and alerts you with an LED indicator when your device is on the base. It’s finished with a matte black, rubberized frame that ensures your device stays put while powering up.Universal charging pad works with all Qi enabled devices, Capable of delivering 15W of power, Supports Samsung Fast charging, Built-in LED glows while in use, Includes wall adapter.

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Then and nowBack in November, I had the chance to test-drive a preproduction version of the phone, though my aforementioned wireless charging base for qi enabled devices case post reflected only a weekend's worth of use, That wasn't intended to be a full review, but more an overview with some quick-take impressions, Last month, I pulled the trigger and made the Moto X my primary phone, Now I use it all day every day, including a recent week-long trip to Mexico, I feel I've lived with it long enough to render a more decisive verdict, Should you buy this phone?..

Yes, but with a few caveats. The first, and biggest, relates to call quality. As you may know, Republic modified the Moto X so that phone calls are routed over Wi-Fi. Only if there's no Wi-Fi network available does it tap Sprint's cellular network. In theory, that's ingenious. In fact, during my aforementioned trip to Mexico, I was able to make and take calls via my condo's free Wi-Fi. No roaming, no crazy overseas rates, and no shopping for local SIM cards -- just easy, seamless calling using my own number. The couple of calls I made sounded great.

At home, however, my experiences were mixed at best, Though I have a robust Wi-Fi signal throughout my house, I'd say many -- if wireless charging base for qi enabled devices case not most -- of the Wi-Fi calls I placed or received suffered from garbled and/or clipped audio, After some troubleshooting, I determined the reason: Despite the strong Wi-Fi signal, the Moto X was quickly (and inexplicably) handing off my calls to Sprint's cell network -- and coverage inside my house is poor at best, Republic's tech support couldn't give me a good reason why this was happening, but at least there was an easy fix: disabling the handoff feature for my home network, Now I'm enjoying very good audio quality, though if I ever need to leave while on a call, I'll have to manually switch the phone from Wi-Fi to cellular, That's no big deal for me, as it rarely comes up..

Other thoughtsI do have some other complaints, though mostly they're with Android. As a longtime iPhone user, it's been hard to make this adjustment. (See the five ways I survived the switch.). Battery life continues to be my chief hardware disappointment; I suspect Republic's internal tweaks cause the battery to drain more rapidly when the phone is idle. There are other possibilities, but the easiest remedy has been to keep the phone in airplane mode (with Wi-Fi on, of course) until I leave the house. Small hassle, but it definitely improves battery life.

On the flipside, I'm loving the Moto's bigger screen and Swype keyboard, and I'm especially loving paying $25 per month for virtually unlimited service, (That's for 3G; the phone is capable of 4G, but I really don't need it -- and don't want to step up to the $40/month plan to get it.) Not so long ago I was paying AT&T $80 for the same thing, The one thing I'd advise potential buyers is to peruse Republic's user forums, just to wireless charging base for qi enabled devices case get an idea for issues other users have encountered -- and the solutions they've found, if any, This is, after all, a modified Moto, and glitches can arise (as I already discovered)..

Overall, I find the Republic/Moto package to be an excellent value for a fine phone backed by an impressive service. After a month, I have no qualms about recommending it. The company's Moto X phone and dirt-cheap service plans seem too good to be true. Are they?. Few posts I've written have generated as much interest as the one about the Republic Wireless Moto X, and I'm not surprised: For $299 you get one of the most celebrated phones of 2013, with no-contract service plans starting at an impossible $5 per month.

I'll let you know once I've had the chance to test UppWireless for myself, In the meantime, I can tell you that your $15 buys you unlimited calling and texting and 1GB of 4G data, (It's not immediately clear what the charges are if you go over.) I can also tell you that the service piggybacks on T-Mobile's network, but does so via the Red Pocket Mobile MNVO, First things first: check the coverage map, I find it disappointing, as there are large swaths of the country (including the entire upper half of Michigan, wireless charging base for qi enabled devices case where I live) with no coverage at all, It appears you'll have service mostly in major metropolitan areas and corridors..

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