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The Twittering Mocker. Hardly surprising, but the online social-commenting universe is filled to the brim with 100-day commentary. On the one side, we have a large crowd of people throwing tweets onstage at the president like so many digital tomatoes. In this case, they’re going with a musical twist, hashtagging their effort as #TrumpsDay100Songs. Check it out. — Carrie D. Eepstate❄️ (@Mayne1Carrie) April 26, 2017. — Craig Rozniecki (@CraigRozniecki) April 26, 2017. — God

— Bobcat McStorm (@much_too_tall) April 27, 2017, — Jayce Kingstone (@JayceKingstone) April 26, 2017, — Piston Baroque (@PistonBaroque) April 26, 2017, — Francesahen (@Francesahen1) April 26, 2017, Trump Supporters in the Hinterlands, 10k yellow gold ballet flat shoes, gold shoe charm, ladies flat shoe charm This week, NPR’s David Green hosted a forum of Americans on all sides of the political equation to talk about the president’s first 100, We’ll leave out the detractors, who’ve had their say above, and see what correspondent Don Gonyea, who has been roaming the country to gauge voter sentiment, heard from the pro-Trump side of things, Here’s an excerpt from the forum, which can be found in full form here..

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #1: I think he’s right on schedule. I’m proud of him. I’m happy with everything that he’s done so far. GARY FREDERICK: You have to give him an A-plus because he’s done a great job. ROXANNE WALLACE: I’m glad that we finally have what I consider a leader. Doesn’t mean we’re going to like it but at least he’s doing it. UNIDENTIFIED MAN #1: If you want the best, you voted for Trump. You want a mess, you voted for the rest. GONYEA: In the mix there you heard voices from Ohio, New Jersey and North Carolina. Now let’s allow them to explain themselves a bit, starting with Gary Frederick. He’s 64 years old and owns a diner in Trumbull County, Ohio, a place that went big for Trump after previously going Obama in ’08 and ’12. I first met him two days after the election.

He voted Trump and he was then looking forward to the demise of Obamacare, Last week, I went to see him again and we talked about that, FREDERICK: Yeah, it still sucks (laughter), GONYEA: You guys all wanted it repealed right away, 10k yellow gold ballet flat shoes, gold shoe charm, ladies flat shoe charm FREDERICK: Yeah, GONYEA: It was a big problem, FREDERICK: Yep, GONYEA: What was your take on that?, FREDERICK: Well, that’s more of Congress, not Trump’s doing, GONYEA: And that’s a pretty common reaction from Trump supporters, There is a lot of finger-pointing at U.S, House Speaker Paul Ryan for being too establishment, Trump also gets a lot of praise for naming Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court..

And his backers don’t seem too concerned about whether he’ll keep a promise to make Mexico pay for a wall along the Southern border. Here’s Roxanne Wallace. She was at a recent candidate town hall in Flanders, N.J. WALLACE: I think he’s finally addressing the immigration issue. I think – I hope he does something about the taxes, at least he’s willing to address it. What I like is he’s not giving lip service like so many politicians do just to get elected and then they forget about everything.

GONYEA: Now, let’s go down to Rock Hill, S.C., where John James was having lunch, He works for the local school district and says he likes that the president is keeping Democrats and Republicans off balance, JOHN JAMES: And I kind of – I like them to be unsettled, And so it wasn’t necessarily what Trump was saying, it was more like what he represented in terms of anti-establishment, President Trump: A True Work of Art, Just before 10k yellow gold ballet flat shoes, gold shoe charm, ladies flat shoe charm Trump was sworn into office, the folks at NPR affiliate KQED launched its “Arts’ series, First 100 Days: Art in the Age of Trump,” which seeks to highlight the responses of artists and other creative types during the first hundred days, And it was off to the races for the arts community, contributing piece after piece as KQED’s steward posted them online..

“With artists uniting around issues that the new president has promised to act upon within his first hundred days, such as immigration, the environment, women’s rights and health care, we want to help our audience think more deeply about what’s happening to our world and our democracy, and give the members of our community — artists and non-artists alike — a sense of purpose and hope. “If you’ve written a song or concerto about the latest immigration policy, made a short film about changes to the Environmental Protection Act, or created a poem, play, dance piece or visual art work about women’s rights at the dawn of a new era — or if you know of any such projects going on — we want to hear from you. Submit your project here.”.

“Events that bring us together to experience art let us be more connected to who we are and to one another, We have more in common than we have in difference,” says Lisa Shiveley, executive director of Menlowe Ballet, which was founded in 2011, “Coming together and being moved by the same thing reinforces that, That’s important, especially with the state of the world right now.”, Menlowe’s spring show, which 10k yellow gold ballet flat shoes, gold shoe charm, ladies flat shoe charm will be presented April 28-30, celebrates the company’s in-house artists, It’s titled “Floraison,” which means “blossoming,” in French..

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