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ALCO S-2 (AS10 class) diesel-electric locomotive

The Alco S2 was the second model of switcher the company produced although it was constructed at the same time as the earlier S1. Two of the significant differences between the two models was the increased horsepower and the "Blunt trucks" used by S2. Like its S1 sister, the Alco S2 was first produced in 1940 featuring an end-cab design using McIntosh & Seymore's 539 diesel engine and was built between August 1940 and June 1950, with a total of 1.462 units completed. The Pennsylvania Railroad purchased between 1948-1950 42 engines. Later, other upgraded versions were built, such as the widespread S4, built in about 650 units.

Specifications / Technical data
Builder: Alco
Wheels: B-B
Gauge: 4 ft 8,5 in
Loco weight: 243.000 lb
Lenght: 44 ft 0,5 in
Engine power: Diesel
Prime mover: Alco 539 (McIntosh/Seymore)
Horsepower: 1.000 Hp
Speed: 60 mph
Build date: 1940-1950
Units built: 1.462
PRR roster: 42 (AS10 class)

Alco S-2 Pennsylvania Railroad #5659 data
Road Number: 5659
Class: AS10
Model: S-2
Built: 1950
Year on Roster: 1950
Builder: ALCO
Horsepower: 1.000
Notes: =
Assignment 1957: Pittsburgh Region

Alco S-2 was a "workhorse" switcher in service with Pennsylvania Railroad in many yards, primarily on regional lines. Number 5659 was assigned at Pittsburgh Region in 1957, used as transfert unit and helper on the southwest branchlines.

Alco S-2 #5644 Pennsylvania Railroad (AS10 class)

ATLAS MASTER LINE Alco S-2 (AS10 class) Pennsylvania Railroad No.5659
Part of the prestigious series "Master Line", the model offered by Atlas is a very good reproduction of the Alco S-2 switcher, highly detailed and with an amazing ESU Locksound DCC decoder. AT Collection item has been improved with addiction of some details and weathered. - 2011-2018 - All rights reserved - Webmaster ATF - ITALY
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