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About Acrylic MirrorsFirst and foremost please remember that these mirrors are NOT GLASS, acrylic is a form of plastic that can come in many densities and thicknesses.Our acrylic shatterproof mirrors are laser cut and made from 3mm thick acrylic, they are lightweight and shatterproof, so no drilling, hammering, nailing or screwing is required when fixing them to a surface. Just peel the protective film from the front of your mirror and fix away.The backs of the mirrors are flat and so will give a 'flush' look to any flat surface. There are no wall attachments on the back of our mirrors unless otherwise specified. Please read 'Mounting acrylic Mirrors' below.All sizes are given for the mirrors widest points, imagine a box drawn around the design to help with measuring ideas. All measurements are given in centimetres (cm) not 'mm' or 'inches', so please check the size you need before ordering to save you having to return you mirror for an alternative size later on. All secondary sizes are approximate as these can change to make the design look as it should do but the main (first size given) will always be correct.Unless otherwise specified within the description all mirrors are silver. All colours in full or part are simply a reflection within the mirror (usually flowers). The walls, boards or doors behind the shape of the mirrors do not come with the mirror, these are usually white, purple, red or beige and in most cases pretty impossible to ship anyway.Mounting Acrylic MirrorsThere are various ways to mount your acrylic mirror from PVA glue, wood glue or household sealant, double sided sticky tape or foam pads can also be used and using a good quality brand will ensure your mirrors stay in place. Regrettably we no longer supply double sided sticky foam pads with our mirrors but these can or course be purchased from many high street stores, supermarkets or craft stores.Larger mirrors (40cm+) we recommend a PVA GLUE, this should be used for mounting as the larger mirrors do need a more adhesive contact due to their weight (although still much lighter than glass mirrors) and you may very well find that sticky foam pads or tape simply do not do the job.Please also make sure the mirror is put up on a completely flat surface and away from any heat source i.e. above fires or radiators or distortion may occur.Surface preparationThe surface where you are going to place your mirror must be clean, grease free, dust free and not textured (bumpy). If a mirror is being placed on freshly painted surface please leave let the paint dry thoroughly and wait for 3 to 4 weeks before mounting.Acrylic mirrors must not be placed above any heat source such as fires or radiators as this to can cause distortion.Where can I put my Acrylic mirrors?You can attach your acrylic mirrors anywhere in or outside of your property. Make sure surfaces are clean, dust free and dry before attaching any foam pads or tape as well..Please note: Certain areas may need further adhesion and sealing I.E. in bathrooms or rooms where moisture occurs or outside exposed to the elements. We suggest in these circumstances using a non-acetone, non-toxic and of course suitable for acrylic PVA adhesive - we would recommend either 'No More Nails'.(We cannot guarantee non marking of the mirrors if any other adhesive is used).To avoid moisture penetration it may be advisable to put a clear silicone sealer around the edges. This can be purchased from most DIY stores.It is important to allow 24 hours for the glue to dry before allowing your bathroom or wet room to steam up with condensationHow do I care for my Mirror?Shatterproof acrylic mirrors should be cleaned using a very soft cloth such as a micro-fibre cloth. You can use mild soap and water or an anti-static polish for example Pledge or Mr Sheen. You are advised not to use glass or window cleaning products or any abrasive cloths.Please ensure mirrors you receive are not damaged BEFORE mounting them as any damage that occurs after mounting we can not be held responsible for.If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

11. Oddest place to hear Bon Jovi: Sahara Tent. For real, DJ and producer Marshmello was playing the New Jersey hair rockers’ classic “Livin’ on a Prayer” and everyone was singing along on Sunday night. And also, Blink-182 drummer and frequent Coachella special guest Travis Barker showed up at another point in the set. 12. Most intense: Future Islands. Singer Samuel Herring is one the most intense and physical performers around, singing with a guttural growl, and aggressively punching the air as he runs from one side of the stage to the other.

13, Biggest head-scratcher art:  “is this what bring things into focus”, Are the candy-colored animal-like creatures unicorns? Piñatas? Rhinos? We have no idea, but everyone liked it on Instagram, 14, Worst fashion trend: Fishnet dresses, Often worn over bikini-style clothing, this fashion trend is impractical for a place where the temperature can swing 30 degrees in a day and wind gusts are common, Plus, you’re going to have the worst tan lines ever, 15, Biggest change for 2017: ballerina ballet block shoes engraved acrylic mirror The size..

The biggest festival in the U.S. got even bigger, as Coachella expanded the grounds of the festival itself, moving stages to give more breathing room for more fans. 16. Best surprise: Hidden tiki bar. Deep within the Craft Beer Barn, away from the cocktail Cabin, there is a secret place called the PDTiki bar. If you go, expect to wait a long while. 17. Most shameless plug: Lady Gaga. Gaga debuted a new song Saturday night, “The Cure,” and ended her encore (after confetti, “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance”) with an announcement that the new song was available on iTunes.

The xx is hardly a household name — at least in ballerina ballet block shoes engraved acrylic mirror the U.S, Yet, the London indie-pop trio consisting of vocalist-guitarist Romy Madley Croft, vocalist-bassist Oliver Sim and programmer-producer Jamie xx is sure able to draw lots of people to its concerts, The xx’s three-night stand at the 8,500-capacity Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, which kicked off April 15, will collectively draw some 25,000 ticket-holders, That’s an astounding turnout for a band that is still anything but mainstream..

Could some of the people have wound up watching The xx by mistake? Perhaps they thought they were buying tickets to an adult movie or (shudder) a Vin Diesel action flick. No, the folks who turned out April 15 knew exactly what they were doing. Call it a triumph of good taste, since this band is so enjoyable that it definitely deserves to be playing to capacity crowds at venues across the nation. Of course, the audience assembled at the Bill Graham Civic might have seemed a bit small to these musicians, at least compared to where they’d last performed.

“We played Coachella yesterday,” Sim said of the mammoth Southern California music festival, “We were so far away from people, we couldn’t really see them, “It’s nice to see people’s faces.”, The band kicked off the 19-song concert with the moody, vulnerable “Say Something Loving,” one of eight offerings from The xx’s third and latest full-length album, “I See You.” The ballerina ballet block shoes engraved acrylic mirror group then moved seamlessly into the breathy, percussive gem “Crystalised,” a standout from the Mercury Prize-winning debut “xx” (2009)..

Now, The xx might not boast the two strongest vocalists in the business. Yet, what they lack in horsepower they make up for with authenticity. They just sound so believable, so honest, as they blend their voices and words in tales of broken hearts, houses of cards and unsteady footing. Croft and Sim could probably never work as writers at Hallmark Cards, but they do know how make hurt, anxiety and quiet desperation translate into memorable music. “If I scream at the top of my lungs, will you hear what I don’t say?” Croft achingly sang at the start of the new album’s “Performance.” “If I dance like I’m on a stage, will you see I seem out of place? If I put on a disguise, will you think everything’s alright?”.

Croft’s guitar work can be equally effective, emotionally underscoring her lyrics (and those of Sim) in memorable fashion, It’s a great complement to the staggering array of beats and grooves coming from programmer wizard Jamie xx, who also has a thriving solo career outside the band, The musical magician — whose solo album “In Colour” received a 2016 Grammy nomination for best dance/electronic album — thrilled the crowd with a variety of sounds and styles, ballerina ballet block shoes engraved acrylic mirror He’d kick it old-school xx, with a slow, sparse number like “Sunset,” and take us to the club for a workout of his own “Loud Places,” which brought the main set to a close..

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