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U.S. regulator the Federal Aviation Administration, under fire for its certification of the MAX, cautioned the inquiry was not over. “As we learn more about the accident and findings become available, we will take appropriate action,” it said. Boeing may press to know how crew members responded to problems triggered by the faulty data. Questions on whether the pilots had leveled out the plane before disengaging MCAS and how many times MCAS activated were not answered at the news conference in Addis Ababa that lasted about 40 minutes.

The New York Times quoted Dagmawit crystal tattoo crowned skull cufflinks as saying pilots turned MCAS off and on, which is not the step recommended in published Boeing procedures telling crew to leave it off once disabled, With bereaved families angry and confused, relatives of one woman killed in the Ethiopian crash filed the first lawsuit on behalf of a U.S, victim in Chicago, The complaint accused Boeing of putting “profits over safety” and also targeted Rosemount Aerospace, the manufacturer of the angle of attack sensor..

U.S. consumer activist Ralph Nader, whose grand-niece died in Ethiopia, called for consumers to boycott the MAX. Pilots around the world were watching closely too. “If the preliminary report from the Ethiopian authorities is accurate, the pilots quickly identified the malfunction and applied the manufacturer’s checklist,” said Captain Jason Goldberg, spokesman for Allied Pilots Association, which represents American Airlines pilots. “Following this checklist did not appear to allow the pilots to regain control of the aircraft.”.

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Ethiopia’s insistence that its pilots followed procedures when their Boeing Co 737 MAX nosedived before a deadly crash, and Boeing’s recent declaration that a new software crystal tattoo crowned skull cufflinks fix makes a “safe plane safer,” have set the stage for a lengthy fight over the roles of technology and crew in recent 737 MAX crashes, After a deadly Lion Air crash in October, Boeing and the U.S, Federal Aviation Administration told airlines what to do in the event that an erroneous sensor reading fooled the jet into thinking it was in a stall and pushed the nose down..

The Ethiopian Airlines pilots initially followed the advice to shut off the MCAS anti-stall system but later reversed the command counter to guidance at a time when they were traveling beyond maximum operating speeds, according to data contained in a preliminary report released on Thursday and experts on the jet. If MCAS misfires, forcing the nose down in a maneuver similar to a condition that pilots know as runaway trim, pilots are supposed to hit two cut-out switches at the plane’s center console to turn off power to the electric trim system.

Under normal circumstances, trim is used to keep an aircraft flying level, but the MCAS makes automated nose-down movements, Data from the Ethiopian Airlines flight indicates the aircraft was flying nose-heavy and not in a “neutral” attitude when pilots hit the stabilizer cutout switches to disable the MCAS system, crystal tattoo crowned skull cufflinks the preliminary report showed, That would make the situation harder to manage, possibly accounting for their decision to turn the system back on, Boeing’s checklist for pilots tells them to “control airplane pitch attitude manually with control column and main electric trim as needed” before hitting cut-out switches and turning to a rarely used manual wheel to keep the plane’s nose in the proper position, It does not describe a specific trim setting for the pilots to achieve..

Experts are questioning whether the procedures outlined after the Lion Air crash were comprehensive enough to ensure pilots could recover from a real-life cockpit emergency with several distractions at a low altitude shortly after take-off rather than in a pre-planned simulator ride. A 737 MAX pilot said the resistance on the control yoke would be about four times normal and it could take a few dozen turns of the manual wheel to return the nose to the proper position, depending on the alignment when the switches were cut.

The preliminary report indicates the pilots tried to move their wheels together but were unable to raise the nose much crystal tattoo crowned skull cufflinks at all by doing so, “It appears the flight crew reactivated electric trim,” former Boeing engineer Peter Lemme said, “But they only made a very small nose up adjustment - I would have expected them to immediately and without stopping move the stabilizer back into trim, The last MCAS command comes 5 seconds after their last manual trim command.”, The proper response to MCAS emergencies, Leeham Co analyst Bjorn Fehrm said, is to correct the dangerous nose-down “trim” using electronic thumb switches, then turn off MCAS and trim manually with the wheel..

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