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You don't see many white cufflinks out there and it's a pity because they're just so darn stylish! Check out these awesome Classic Whites Cufflinks and you'll agree. Small white enamel squares are surrounded by a generous silver rhodium plated border that measures approximately 5/8" x 5/8". The border looks just like a picture frame that has been carefully bevelled to accentuate the middle design. These cufflinks are an excellent accompaniment to standard black and white formal fashion, but will also look good with darker colors like navy, purple and gray. Pair with your favorite double cuffs shirt for every occasion!

Boeing faces logistical issues in finding places to park the growing number of planes as well as being responsible for all their maintenance costs since it has been unable to deliver the jets to customers, two people briefed on the situation said. Manufacturers avoid halting and then resuming production as this disrupts supply chains and can cause industrial snags. Boeing had been planning to speed up production in June to 57 a month. Having to hold planes in storage without delivering them does, however, consume extra cash through increased inventory.

Boeing supplier Spirit Aerosystems Holdings said it will continue to make 52 737 MAX shipsets - the complete set of parts for each aircraft - per month, storing extras at its facilities, Its shares fell 3.5 percent, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) chairman Robert Sumwalt told reporters that U.S, investigators were given the raw data from Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 as soon as it was read in France last month, He added that the Ethiopian classic whites cufflinks Airlines 302 preliminary report “was very thorough and well done.”..

Former NTSB chairman Christopher Hart was named by the Federal Aviation Administration this week to head an international team to review the safety of the 737 MAX. He told reporters on Friday he thought the review, which will start on Monday, could take about three months. It is still not clear what countries will take part. He said investigators are going to be focused far more on the interaction between software and pilots than mechanical issues in future. “This is territory we are going to see more of,” Hart said.

SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korean automaker Hyundai Motor Co and Chinese technology firm Tencent Holdings have signed a preliminary deal to develop software for driverless vehicles, South Korea’s Maeil Business Newspaper reported on Saturday, Both companies plan to conduct joint classic whites cufflinks research and development on safety and security systems for self-driving cars, which Hyundai seeks to roll out commercially by 2030, the report, which cited unnamed industry sources, said, The agreement was signed on the sidelines of a business forum held in Seoul on Thursday by the South Korean government and China’s Guangdong province, it said..

Hyundai and Tencent did not offer any immediate comments on the report. The two companies are also exploring ways to utilize Tencent’s popular WeChat messaging app in developing China-targeted car models, the newspaper said. Hyundai, the world’s 5th largest automaker together with affiliate Kia Motors, has been fostering partnerships with self-driving tech and social media firms as it aims to introduce highly automated vehicles by 2020 and fully autonomous vehicles by 2030. Hyundai Mobis, another affiliate of the car maker, clinched an agreement last month with Russia’s largest internet search engine Yandex to jointly develop control systems for driverless vehicles.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Investors will focus on falling profits, a more dovish Federal Reserve and lower interest rates as major U.S, banks kick off what analysts expect to be the first quarter of contracting corporate earnings since 2016, On Friday, April 12, JPMorgan Chase & Co and Wells Fargo & classic whites cufflinks Co will post results to begin the earnings season in earnest, Citigroup Inc and Goldman Sachs Group Inc will report the following Monday, followed by Bank of America Corp and Morgan Stanley on Tuesday, In the wake of the Federal Reserve’s cautious shift due to signs of softness in the U.S, economy and the subsequent drop in 10-year Treasury yields, S&P 500 banks are seen posting year-on-year first-quarter earnings growth of 2.3%, down from 8.2% forecast six months ago, according to Refinitiv data..

(For an interactive graphic on evolving bank earnings estimates click, “The Fed pivoted so abruptly, which gives one pause about what they’re saying about the economy,” said Chuck Carlson, chief executive officer at Horizon Investment Services in Hammond, Indiana. “Flat to falling interest rates are not good news for bank interest margins. It’s not surprising that analysts are taking down earnings estimates.”. The central bank’s change in tack put the brakes on what had been a pattern of quarterly rate hikes, amid signs of slowing economic growth.

Slowdown jitters have also hit 10-year Treasury yields, The benchmark bond’s yield hit a 15-month low in the first quarter, flattening the yield curve and narrowing the gap between the interest banks pay depositors and classic whites cufflinks the interest they charge consumers, which is bad news for profits, “That’s why the estimates are going down,” Carlson added, “(Analysts are) fearful of interest margins for banks and there’s an underlying concern about loan growth.”, In the first three months of the year, the S&P 500 bounced back from a sell-off in December, gaining 13.1%, its biggest quarterly increase since 2009, But financials underperformed the wider market, gaining 7.9% in the quarter as the new low-interest-rate normal that boosted other sectors was a headwind for banks..

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