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Personalized stainless steel tag with an adorable dancer charm. It will be engraved with your message on it, it will make a great personalized keepsake gift for dancers.♥ Base metal key ring♥ Stainless steel heart is approximately 1"♥ Adorable light weighted silver plated dancer charm♥ Please include the engraving information in "Note to Seller" box at checkout. Thank you♥ Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, thank you♥ Thank you for visiting! ♥

Details: Through July 9; $24-$30; 510-523-1553, www/ 7 Motoshi Kosako: You likely have not heard the harp played quite the way Kosako plays it, alternating between traditional sounds and using the instrument almost as jazz guitar. See and hear for yourself when Kosako plays at Danville’s Village Theatre on July 7, as part of the Jazz Room concert series. Also on the bill is a trio featuring guitarist Mike Williams, bassist Marc Levine and singer Eva Marie Shahoian. Details: 8 p.m.; $15-$25;

8 “Vignettes on dancer key chain. personalized name key chain. ballet key chain. engraved ballerina key chain. gift for ballerina. gift for girl Love”: This multimedia musical comedy is a co-creation of PlayGround, the Bay Area new play incubator, NoisePop, the music and concert promoter, and a handful of writers, including David Steele, best known as a developer/founder of lifestyle websites and companies, Mixing video, live theater and tracks from Nick Cave, David Bowie, Devendra Banhart and others, “Vignettes” tackles such themes as love, sex, betrayal and ambition as it follows a half-dozen Bay Area characters, Note: this is for mature audiences only..

Details: July 8-30; Portrero Stage (formerly Thick House theater); $25-$55; 9 Prince Royal: The Bronx, N.Y.,-born Latin pop star is just 28 years but has already built an impressive career. He’s won several Latin Grammys, opened for all-world entertainer Pitbull and cut singles with Snoop Dogg and Jennifer Lopez. He’s headlining his own U.S. tour now, and stops at the Event Center at San Jose State on July 12. Details: With Luis Coronel; 7:30 p.m.; $39.50-$71.50; $39-$72;

The San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, now in its 39th season, is an intoxicating kaleidoscope — vibrantly-hued costumes, soulful live music and exuberant dancing that spotlights cultures from around the world, It feeds all your senses, even ones you didn’t know you had, Discover this mind-expanding experience over the next two weekends, as the festival is presented for the first time in its history at San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House, “Our festival is unique in the entire dancer key chain. personalized name key chain. ballet key chain. engraved ballerina key chain. gift for ballerina. gift for girl world,” says co-artistic director Carlos Carvajal, “It includes the best performers from all different ethnicities, While other festivals bring them in from other countries, ours are all local.”..

With the Bay Area’s breadth of diversity, it is home to internationally acclaimed artists such as extraordinary percussionists Zakir Hussain and John Santos, as well as flamenco dancer La Tania. All three are performing in the festival this season. CK Ladzekpo, the event’s other co-artistic director, invited Santos and his sextet to collaborate with the Alayo Dance Company, led by local Cuban choreographer and dancer Ramón Ramos Alayo, on “Festejos Caribeños.” The music starts with a New Orleans funeral dirge and piano interlude, builds to a rumba, with a brilliant call and response from the horns, and concludes with a dense, spirited salsa and street-style Cuban Carnaval rhythm that brings the crowd to its feet.

Santos says, “The form has strong roots in Congo, Yoruba and Abakuá societies, It expresses Cuba’s violent colonial history and carries the courage of Africans and Afro-Cubans who dared play the outlawed African rhythms, It continues to evolve as vibrant expression and living resistance.”, During the festival’s second weekend La dancer key chain. personalized name key chain. ballet key chain. engraved ballerina key chain. gift for ballerina. gift for girl Tania will give her farewell performance before retiring, Her fluid arm movements, expert flicking of her long ruffled train and the gravity-defying swirling of her shawl are mesmerizing for audiences, If you haven’t seen her lately, do yourself a favor and catch this performance..

The festival was launched in 1978. Executive director Julie Mushet explains, “Grants for the Arts, which distributes the city’s Hotel Tax Fund, saw all these dance groups but didn’t know how to help them. Instead of giving small grants to lots of them, they started the festival with the idea that it would be a better use of the money.”. The only person who has been continuously involved since the start — award-winning lighting designer Patty Ann Farrell — says, “I never thought it would be long-term because it was a city-funded project. Every year I was amazed I would be hired again. The performances were in cultural centers all around the city. It was a good thing we were young, because … two of us would change the floor and bring in lighting and sound. We’d set up, rehearse, do the show. When it was over, we packed it all up in the truck and went on to the next one.

“We tinkered constantly with the format to make it entertaining and educate the audience,” Farrell continues, “It started in a travelogue format – lecture and dance, lecture and dance, But it was too long, and we couldn’t let the audience get bored, Eventually we took out the dialogue, and the show flowed, creating a seamless production, “We started performing at the Palace of Fine Arts the second year, but just occasionally, not a three- or four-day run, as it is now, I had this dream to be in the Opera dancer key chain. personalized name key chain. ballet key chain. engraved ballerina key chain. gift for ballerina. gift for girl House since we began, This is dance and music together, and it needs to be seen by everybody.”..

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