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A supremely precision engineered lightweight slimline case in blue with a perforated mesh pattern that looks great, adds grip and aids heat dissipation from your iPhone XR, as well as enhance the high performance beauty of the device.Made from a strong, ultra-slim material for long lasting protection, Each MeshTex case is made from a special strong and durable compositematerial, which is extremely robust considering it is so thin and lightweight -providing you with long lasting protection for your iPhone XR without anything like the bulk most cases add.Looks cool, keeps cool, Modern smartphones feature incredibly powerful components that can get quite warm when under load - especially when they're surrounded by a protective case. The beauty of MeshTex is that it allows heat to dissipate through the mesh patterned casing, keeping the phone cooler and optimising performance.The material used gives a non-slip coating to the case for extra grip, The special material used in the construction of this case has a non-slip coating that provides you with extra grip for your phone, which minimises the chance of dropping your device - meaning this case is professional enough for work and sporty enough for play. The mesh pattern also increases grip, with thousands of tiny perforations providing the imperceptible increase in suction that could make all the difference between keeping the phone in your hand or dropping it.Slim fitting design adds no extra bulk and fits perfectly in your pocket, The MeshTex case is designed to be ultra-slim, lightweight and strong - so you can be assured that this case will add virtually no extra bulk to your iPhone XRso it will still fit in your pocket with ease.Cut-outs for all the iPhone XR'sfeatures and ports so you'll never need to take the case off, EachOlixar MeshTex has been designed specifically for the iPhone XRand features cut-outs for the various ports and features such as the rear facing camera, speakers and buttons.

During his interview at the Deutsche Bank conference, Marcus laughed off the idea that a combined company with greater purchasing power would cause programmers to suffer. "I just find these types of concerns ironic, especially when programming costs in recent years have risen to a level that is greater than what the consumer market will bear," he said. There are also fears that the merger would lead to a similar level of control over broadband networks, which Moffett pointed out raises its own set of concerns surrounding Net neutrality. Again, the fear is that Comcast will control so much of the nation's broadband infrastructure that it will force content providers to pay fees or threaten to block or intentionally slow traffic. But Moffett said that even these concerns are likely overblown.

"It is the broadband concerns that will likely attract the more visceral reactions," Moffett said, "But truth be told, the rules governing anticompetitive olixar meshtex iphone xr case - blue behavior are probably already relatively well suited to prevent anything egregious, including almost any violations of Net neutrality, with or without Net neutrality-specific rules."How can one of the biggest mergers in the cable market ever be a good thing for consumers? CNET's Marguerite Reardon explains, Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus thinks the $45.2 billion megamerger with Comcast is a win for Time Warner Cable subscribers..

Earlier this week, Amazon revealed that it would be increasing it's Prime subscription service by $20 to $99 a year. But we've got a very clever workaround that will lock you in at it's current price of $79 a year. Watch the video to see how. Plus: We talk iOS 8 and Apple TV rumors in the latest Apple Byte; Adventures in Tech takes us through some the more positive moments in BlackBerry's past; and where and how to watch March Madness games on your TV, computer, and mobile devices. 3. Save $20 on your Amazon Prime membershipAmazon recently raised the price of Prime to $99 but we'll show you how to save $20 and lock-in for $79.

4, Top 5: Simple smart home upgradesFive simple pieces of technology that will make your home smarter, 5, Adventures in Tech: What BlackBerry did rightBlackBerry is lying in ruin -- but believe it or not, it had some good ideas in its time, Here's what BlackBerry did right, 6, Razer Blade packs a slim gaming laptop behind a higher-res screenThe weak display in last year's Razer Blade gaming laptop is swapped out for an amazing 3,200x1,800 one, 7, Ways to view March MadnessIt's a fact: Productivity drops in March as millions of people put down their work and pick up their remotes to tune into the annual NCAA basketball tournament, If you'd like in olixar meshtex iphone xr case - blue on the action, CNET's Kara Tsuboi tells us how to view the games on your TV, computer, or mobile device so you never miss a minute..

9. Mophie Space Pack: A killer iPhone battery case with storageThe Mophie Space Pack protects your iPhone, acts as a battery, and also gives you extra storage space for your media. 10. Map-free travel with the Navigate JacketPedestrian accidents are on the rise with people looking at their smartphones as they walk around. Now, a high-tech jacket has been developed to help people keep their heads up so they don't have to look at maps as they walk around. As CNET's Sumi Das shows us, the jacket has sensors that vibrate and light up to guide you.

Become a home theater expert, save $20 on your Amazon Prime membership, and find out where to view March Madness games, It's Friddday! olixar meshtex iphone xr case - blue Which means it's time to roundup the best of the week in CNET video, In our latest installment of our new How-To, DIY-tech series, The Fix, our resident how-to guru's offer up expert advice on building the ultimate home theater, They'll show you how to easily and affordably install a TV, give you tips on choosing the right screen size, as well as our top three ways to add audio to your home theater, You'll be your own home theater specialist by episode's end..

If you don't want to wait to check out the software on the new Galaxy S5, you can try it now with one of these three Android apps. This app, by BaseTIS SL, is free with a premium upgrade option offered as an in-app purchase of 99 cents. Once installed, highlight text in an app that allows sharing and then choose A Faster Reader from the pop-up menu. A small window will appear above the text, and immediately starts displaying the words one-by-one. In order to display the words faster, you'll have to upgrade, as the free version only supports up to 300 wpm. The premium version also offers different color themes and a progress bar.

In this app, the same sharing feature is used to start speed-reading a piece of text, The display area for the one-by-one word delivery is actually along the top of the screen, A full-text version of what you're speed reading appears under the flashing words, and highlights each one as it appears above, This may be convenient or annoying, depending on your reading preferences, If you're not looking to share text from an app on your phone and want to open local files instead, then this speed reading app by P, Garrison is for you, The app is free, but also offers a donation version if you're feeling generous, Right now Speed Reader offers support for TXT, PDF, EPUB, HTML, and XML files, There are several settings that appear when you open the app including: custom color theme selection, olixar meshtex iphone xr case - blue words per minute, and number of words to show at one time, To open a file, click the Browse button and locate it on your Android device, One major drawback to this app is that you can't see where you are in the text, and starting from a specific point is very difficult..

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