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Baldwin 2-8-0 H10s class steam locomotive


The Consolidation Type was a highly successful steam locomotive design of the latter half of the 19th century that would eventually replace the 4-4-0 American Type. The new Consolidation, a 2-8-0 design, allowed for more tractive effort with two additional driving axles and a larger boiler. The 2-8-0 steam loco type served around the world in thousands units with hundreds railroads companies.
Pennsylvania Railroad "Consolidation" class were named H Class and its first series built was the H1, with a total of 545 engines produced between 1875 and 1886. Later, a large number of units were built (in total, over 1.500, mostly between 1907 and 1916), belonged at many sub-classes, of which the H6, H8, H9 and H10 were the most important variants. Each version types differed in the cylinder diameter and pulling power.
The H10s class was built primarily for PRR Lines West (from Pittsburgh to Chicago), and featured a typical "Lines West" tender mod. 80F81a (or 80P81a) with sloping side coal boards at the top, to enable a bigger load of coal to be carried. H10 class was similar to H-9s, but with a 1" larger piston diameter (2" larger than the H-8s). All had Belpaire fireboxes and 273 units were built between 1913 and 1916 (95 engines by ALCO-Pittsburgh, 75 by Baldwin, 73 by ALCO-Brooks and 40 by Lima). Many H-8 and H-9 converted as well and used on lines east of Pittsburgh, Altoona and Philadelphia areas, as yard switcher or road-switcher on the branch-lines hauling local and regional "light" freight trains.
Thousand of H class PRR's steam locomotives were used until complete dieselization by the PRR that occurred after 1957.

Specifications / Technical data
Builders: Baldwin/Alco/Lima/PRR Juniata Shops (Altoona Works) (many converted)
Production: 1913-1916
Total units produced: 273
PRR roster: 273
Wheels: 2-8-0 (UIC 1-D-0)
Loco weight: 249.500 lb (kg. 113.172)
Lenght: 117 ft 8 in (mt. 35,86)
Power: Coal
Gauge: 4 ft 8,5 in
Driver diameter: 62"
Cylinders: 2 (26x28 in)
Valve gear: Walschaert
Pressure: 205 psi
Tractive effort: 53.197 lbf 

PRR H10s class Pennsylvania Railroad #8259 data
Road Number: 8259
Road Number Sequence: 1st
Type: 2-8-0
Class: H10s
Builder: PRR Juniata Shops
Built: 1915
CN: --
Previous Owner: --
Remarks: converted from H9 class
Serial Number: --
Assignment 1957: Pittsburgh Region

The H10 class were used as light freight train hauler on regional lines and switcher in many PRR yards located in various areas of the huge PRR network. The engine No 8259 worked until 1957 on the branch lines located at south-west of Pittsburgh.

PRR H10s class #8259

AT Collection H10s ho scale model is produced by Broadway Limited Imports - Paragon 2 series and included a true H10 class sounds, but the serial number #8259 (BLI item No.2837) lose some important features and details compared to the prototype, in service with PRR Pittsburgh Region until 1957. The engine #8259 was derivated from H9 class, instead the model is based on the H10 produced for lines west. - 2011-2019 - All rights reserved - Webmaster ATF - ITALY
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