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PRR JUNIATA SHOPS J1 class 2-10-4 "Texas"   type steam locomotive

The great efforts of american railroads during the Second World War, has forced many companies to supplies constants, especially that concerned the traction of the freight trains. The Pennsylvania Railroad, obligated by the wartime restrictions, has ordered a variant of the T1 class 2-10-4 "Texas" type steam locomotive in service with the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. The new engine, denominated J1 class and built at the Altoona Juniata Shops, received cast iron number and badge plates of "keystone" type (as the passengers steam locos) but its primary role was hauling of heavy freight trains on the PRR's main lines.
The PRR built 125 engines (65 J1 and 60 J1a) between 1942-1944. Altoona Shops started delivering the new 2-10-4s in late 1942 with road numbers 6450 through 6455, and designated as Class J-1 and sent to the St. Louis Division. Immediately afterwards, an order for another version was begun, Class J1a. Sixty of these were built and were assigned road numbers 6475 - 6498, 6401 - 6434 and 6499 - 6500. The only difference between the J1 and the J1a was that the J1a used carbon boiler plate while the J1 used carbon-silicon boiler plate. Forty additional locomotives were ordered and received road numbers 6435 - 6449 and 6150 - 6174. All J1's and J1a's were built at Altoona and employed Baker valve gear. Their tenders were of PRR design. Classified 210F84, these tenders were specifically designed for these huge engines. Their water capacity was 29,000 gallons and their coal capacity was 29.9 tons.
The J1 and J1a locomotives spent the war years hauling freight on the railroad west of Altoona. Fifty five were assigned to the Central Region spread among the Western Pennsylvania Division/Pittsburgh Division, the Eastern Ohio Division/Eastern Division, the Eastern Ohio Divisions/Panhandle Division and the Lake Division/Cleveland Division. The other seventy were assigned to the Western Region spread among the Northwestern Division/Toledo Division, the Northwestern Division/Ft Wayne Division, the Northwestern Division/Logansport Division and the Southwestern Division/St. Louis Division.
After the war many types of steam locomotives were displaced by diesels but the PRR found uses for the J1 class until they were retired in the late 1950s (the last J1 was scrapped in 1959). There are no surviving examples of the PRR's 2-10-4s.

Specifications / Technical data
Builders: PRR Juniata Shops
Production: 1942-1944
Total units produced: 65 Type J1 - 60 Type   J1a
PRR roster: 125 (1943-1958)
Wheels: 2-10-4 (UIC 1-E-2)
Loco weight: 579.975 lb no tender (kg. 263.100)
Lenght: 117 ft 8 in (mt. 35,86)
Power: Coal
Gauge: 4 ft 8,5 in
Driver diameter: 69"
Cylinders: 2 (29x34 in)
Valve gear: Baker
Pressure: 270 psi
Tractive effort: 95.100 lbf

PRR J1 class Pennsylvania Railroad #6173 data
Road Number: 6173
Road Number   Sequence: 1st
Type: 2-10-4
Class: J1
Builder: PRR Juniata Shops
Built: 1944
CN: 4533
Previous   Owner: --
Remarks: retired 10/57 sold for scrapped 2/58
Serial   Number: 11037
Assignment   1953/1957: Pittsburgh Region/Division

The "Pennsy" use these extraordinary engines pulling extra-long consist of hopper coal cars and others freight trains on the Pittsburgh Region mainlines. The 2-10-4 Texas type steam locomotive took service also with other american railroad companies, built in U.S.A. by Lima and Baldwin, in Canada by Montreal Locomotive Works.

J1 Pennsylvania Railroad #6154

Broadway Limited Imports J1 PRR #6173
Broadway Limited Imports produced its J1 models in Paragon 2 series (Paragon 3 from 2017), with an amazing digital sound decoder. The locomotive in HO scale is reproduced very well, but some important details should be added (see the Weathering card in the gallery). - 2011-2019 - All rights reserved - Webmaster ATF - ITALY
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