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The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is still investigating Facebook, and is yet to penalize the company. British lawmakers have launched an inquiry into “fake news” and its effect on election campaigns, and have increasingly focused on Cambridge Analytica. The ICO said it was providing the interim report to help that inquiry. “Given that the ICO is saying that Facebook broke the law, it is essential that we now know which other apps that ran on their platform may have scraped data in a similar way,” Damian Collins, chair of the parliamentary inquiry, said.

Cambridge Analytica, which was hired by Donald Trump in 2016, has denied its work on the U.S, president’s successful election campaign made use of data, It has also said that, while it pitched for work with campaign group Leave.EU before the Brexit referendum in Britain in 2016, it did not end up doing any work on the campaign, The ICO’s report said other regulatory action would 8mm blue tiger's eye beaded elastic bracelet cufflinks include a criminal prosecution against Cambridge Analytica’s parent firm, SCL Elections, for failing to deal with the regulator’s enforcement notice..

It also said it would send warning letters to 11 political parties to compel them to audit their data protection practices. It said it was investigating both leave and remain campaigners in the referendum, and that it had issued an enforcement notice for AIQ, a data firm that worked for official Brexit campaign Vote Leave, to stop processing retained data from British citizens. David Carroll, an academic who is attempting to recover his data from Cambridge Analytica, said the report strengthened his legal challenge.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S, wholesale inventories were a bit higher than initially estimated in May amid strong increases in the stocks of machinery and a range of other goods, The Commerce Department said on Wednesday wholesale inventories increased 0.6 percent instead of the 0.5 percent gain it reported last month, Stocks at wholesalers 8mm blue tiger's eye beaded elastic bracelet cufflinks edged up 0.1 percent in April, They rose 5.9 percent year-on-year in May, The component of wholesale inventories that goes into the calculation of gross domestic product - wholesale stocks excluding autos - increased 0.8 percent in May..

Inventory investment was neutral to GDP growth in the first quarter. The economy grew at a 2.0 percent annualized pace during the January-March period. Economists expect the pace of inventory accumulation to pick up slightly in the second quarter. A sharp slowdown in domestic demand in the first quarter likely left businesses cautious about accumulating too much inventory. Wholesale auto inventories fell 1.2 percent in May after increasing 0.2 percent in April. Machinery inventories jumped 1.5 percent in May after rising 0.4 percent in April. There were increases in wholesale stocks of professional and computer equipment as well as electrical equipment, metals, lumber, furniture and hardware.

CHICAGO (Reuters) - When 8mm blue tiger's eye beaded elastic bracelet cufflinks the high-end property development Lake Las Vegas collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis, 31 funds that helped finance the project lost a total of $540 million, But only one of them, Dallas-based hedge fund Highland Capital Management, aggressively pursued legal action against Credit Suisse Group AG, which arranged the financing and appraisals for the project, Highland ultimately convinced a Texas court that Credit Suisse had breached its contract and aided and abetted fraud in the deal, and the decision was upheld on appeal, Now, Credit Suisse faces a July 18 court deadline to pay Highland $360 million or appeal to the Texas Supreme Court..

The victories to date have enhanced the reputation of a fledgling Texas law firm, and legal experts say they are likely to encourage other investment funds to take big banks to court. “This case shows the big banks can’t hide behind disclaimers when they know certain facts,” said Carol Gilden, a lawyer who represents pension funds and other institutional investors in financial and securities disputes. Global banks have settled dozens of lawsuits by governments and shareholders over financial crisis misconduct, but until the Highland suit, it was unusual for an investment fund to pursue tough-to-win fraud actions - especially against a major trading partner, as Credit Suisse was for Highland.

Highland, however, has a reputation for being more legally aggressive than 8mm blue tiger's eye beaded elastic bracelet cufflinks many funds, and its general counsel, Scott Ellington, had a strong hunch that something was amiss with the deal, “When something is wrong I like to right it,” Ellington told Reuters in an interview, The company had trouble finding someone willing to take the case, he said, in part because the legal firms it approached thought Ellington’s suspicions would be tough to prove, Then, in 2010, Ellington met with Reid Collins & Tsai LLP, a newly-formed practice in Austin, Texas specializing in complex commercial disputes, The firm agreed to take the case on contingency..

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