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“It remains a wild card even though they are proving that their business model is good and are producing good results.”. The healthcare sector has come under pressure after the U.S. government in January proposed a rule that would overhaul the use of drug company rebates in government-run healthcare plans. Adding to investor concerns, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders recently unveiled the latest version of his “Medicare-for-All” plan that would eliminate private insurance and shift all Americans to a public healthcare plan.

UnitedHealth Chief Executive Officer David Wichmann said some proposals being discussed represent a “wholesale disruption of black spectacles cufflinks American healthcare” that would impact the economy and jobs without improving patient access, On the potential impact from the proposed change to the rebate rule, the company said discounts they currently receive are mostly passed on to clients, “Ninety percent of what we manage is generic (drugs) with no rebates,” said John Prince, a senior company executive..

“Within our total client base, 98 percent of our discounts are passed on to our clients.”. Analysts said that despite the recent slump in shares, fundamentals of the industry are still on track. “But a negative sentiment around the sector is, in the short-term, more than offsetting what we see as a continued positive fundamental trajectory for UnitedHealth,” Stephens Inc analyst Scott Fidel said. UnitedHealth on Tuesday raised its full-year adjusted earnings forecast to between $14.50 and $14.75 per share from its prior view of $14.40 to $14.70.

SANTIAGO (Reuters) - Amazon Web Services, a unit of Inc, said it will help astronomers in Chile crunch huge troves of data using its cloud computing services, a symbolically important step for the retail-to-entertainment giant as it looks to expand in Latin America, Amazon will store data and night-sky images gleaned from telescopes in Chile’s nearly cloudless Atacama desert, then offer researchers the tools to access them anywhere, said Jeffrey Kratz, black spectacles cufflinks General Manager for Public Sector Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Latin American, Caribbean and Canada..

“Chile has over 70 percent of telescopes researching .. the night sky, yet 83 percent of the data they cannot keep because they don’t have the storage capacity at many of these sites,” Kratz told Reuters. “They were frustrated because they weren’t able to maximize the amazing research that was going on.”. Amazon’s role as a founding member in the public-private research project, called the Chilean Data Observatory, gives it a key entry into a market where it is seeking to expand.

Amazon - which controls nearly one-third of the global cloud computing business, ahead of rivals Microsoft Corp and Google - has until recently struggled to lure public institutions in Latin America black spectacles cufflinks to store their data online instead of on physical machines, At a ceremony announcing the project in Santiago on Tuesday, Chile Economy Minister Jose Ramon Valente said the country had selected Amazon to provide the infrastructure for the initiative, calling it “one of the largest centers for the study of big data in the world.”..

“Our objective was to create an organization that would be open to the community, and neutral, that could make the best use of the .. data that is generated in our country,” he said. “We want this to be very inclusive.”. Chilean officials have previously told Reuters tools developed for the astrodata project would also be applicable for a wide variety of other uses, such as tracking potential shop-lifters, fare-evaders on public transport or spotting anomalies in banking or medical datasets.

Valente said the data and tools could also be used to assist in the country’s mining sector, as well as in the study of climate change, Kratz said Amazon, which has invested “millions of dollars” in the project, would itself not have access to the data, which will remain encrypted, Access will be granted to participants selected by the non-profit Chilean Data Observatory, The deal also comes amid speculation about where in the region the tech giant will install its next data center, which would allow local firms and government to store information on the cloud, Chile and Argentina are both vying for black spectacles cufflinks Amazon’s investment..

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