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The four-axle General Electric U30B series were 3.000 horsepower diesel locomotive built to match EMD's GP-40, the most common locomotive of that class. The "U-boats" series designed by GE include many models based on the diesel engine GE FDL-16. U30B was a further development of the U28b and visually are identical to late U28Bs. About the different variants of the production lots, only some external details were changed (radiator doors, specially). Many railroads operated the U30B, included Atlantic Coast Line (4 units), Cheaspeake & Ohio (33), Chicago Burlington & Quincy (9), New York Central (58), Saint Louis and San Francisco (31), Seabord Air Line (15), Western Pacific (19) and Norfolk & Western, the major user with 110 locomotive, all with high noses. The Conrail's units were ex-NYC (then Penn Central) units (serials 2830-2889). Produced between December 1965 and March 1975, were built in total 291 locomotives.

Specifications / Technical data
Builder: General Electric Company
Production: 1965-1975
Total production: 291
Conrail roster: 58
Wheel arrangement: B-B
Loco weight: 254.800 lb
Lenght: 19 meters (around)
Power: Fuel oil
Gauge: 4 ft 8,5 in
Speed: 70 mph
Tractive effort: 70.000 lbs

GE U30B Conrail #2878 data
Road Number: 2878
Type: B-B diesel locomotive
Builder: General Electric
Built: 1967
CN: 36429
Previous owner: New York Central Railroad
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